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    Reforging going to go, am curious about certain specs like Ret

    I know there are BiS lists still and there always will be, but if Rets were left unchanged for their stat priorities (i.e. haste is king up to a point), do we just have to hope we get the pieces we need for said haste? Reforging helped ease the worries of not getting that BiS piece if you were still lacking in haste, or so it felt like to me.
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    Honestly it is a very good trade off, because a lot of reforging pre BIS is for expertise and haste. The burden comes from that WE NEED those full Mastery Haste/Crit pieces. The benefit is now we have more freedom of choice. Reforging was a crutch for bad drops and fixing hit and exp as well as gemming and chants.

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    Best change yet: We can actually loot paladin gear as ret/prot without being bothered by it having int.
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    I don't like the reforging going away.. I liked that I could take "not that great item" and turn it into something more useful. And I deffinitelly don't want to go back to wrath where we sometimes held on to the new item, until we got few more, just to not loose some haste/crit caps..
    On the other hand I can see the reason for getting rid of reforging - the new dynamic loot that changes based on your spec..I can see how it might not work with reforging if a int plate changed to str tanks plate - what to do with reforges then?
    And if I were to choose whether I want reforging or dynamic loot based on spec - I prefer dynamic loot far more.
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    I'm not sure what it is about yet, I think I have to see it live before I can judge.

    From what I know it sounds to me like everyone will end up having the same gear with the same stats. Sort of. I don't know how they will 'translate' an original e.g. Plate Intellect gear into tanking or dps or w/e. But yeh, if I'd get lots of crit instead of mastery (as holy) then I'd be upset I can't change it.

    So.. e.g. if an Stam/Int/Spirit/Crit gear drops and I get it, does it translate like Stam/Strength/?/Crit? Or what? :S

    I'm not sure.

    I'd have liked reforging to stay because for some classes, or even fights, the stat priority changes. Also personal choice as some ppl might want to go for some haste breakpoint and some don't.

    Dunno, I guess we'll see how it plays out in the end but I'm weary about it for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowser View Post
    So.. e.g. if an Stam/Int/Spirit/Crit gear drops and I get it, does it translate like Stam/Strength/?/Crit? Or what? :S
    There will be no spirit on "main 8 slots". Spirit is a stat that is reserved for Necks, Cloaks, Rings, Weapons and Trinkets.
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