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    oh snap!
    now to weed out the fake leaks from the real ones!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    why are people making this out to be a big deal...

    we all know what it's going to be and blizzard knows we know

    there's no "epic fail"

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    its fake!!!!! murlocks confirmed!!

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    Okay guys, proud Dark Below advocate here. As promised, here it is. I WAS WRONG! Wasn't hard. I'd hate a timetravel expansion but if it is not legion invasion and doesn't have tinkers I'll be happy. Or at least content

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamber View Post
    Need more people to see this and decide if legit.
    A monkey can tell that is NOT legit

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    Hell yes!!!

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    oh, great. orcs and red logo. my least favorite race and my least favorite color.
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    I want go to draenor but i dont want to go the past!!!

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    Oh no.

    Please don't make this any worse by putting time travel in blizzard.

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    Technically you can't see "Warlords". So I'm still counting on

    Corgis of Draenor!

    I, for one, applaud our new canine overlords! May death come quickly to their enemies!

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    Very strange background on the monitor behind them, I wanna say Pandaria but it doesn't look familiar to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balager View Post
    Okay guys, proud Dark Below advocate here. As promised, here it is. I WAS WRONG! Wasn't hard. I'd hate a timetravel expansion but if it is not legion invasion and doesn't have tinkers I'll be happy. Or at least content
    i dont care what claas it is as long as it uses plate intell/spirit gear
    You know me... but I do not know you. You would speak against me... make the others see me as you do... you would have them distrust their comrade of old... their brother... You will not be allowed to spread any of your malicious falsehoods...

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    The biggest news will be not one expansion but 2 wow expansion !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Llloool faiiil!!!!!

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    Bracing for timetravel expansion which will destroy the last plausible threads of lore within World of Warcaft -check
    Checking how many will insta rage that they'll quit - check (257,567 roughly)
    Deciding if now is a good time to check out the beta who elderscrolls - check
    Alternative decision of just roll a horde character as alliance are about to become officially useless - double check

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomaz View Post
    i want a link to a free stream!
    opening ceremony is streamed free. Panels etc are all under paywall

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    I don't know how people can have faith in blizzard anymore tbh.

    This information, according to several people I known, knew about this forthcoming for months, people who worked at blizzard leaked this information to the outside but swore then to keeping it withheld.

    Given how shit they are at actually keeping this stuff held, then the idea this might be a good expansion doesn't bode well either.

    Also.. Kosak.. being lead designer of this expansion and metzen backing away, yeah, fuck that, kosak has a thing against orcs, has no interest in dwarves or worgen, and frankly, this is a travesty to the story.

    And before you say 'durr, give it a chance first', did they enough times and seen shit hit the fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
    Or are they just setting us on the wrong track! </tinfoil>

    The funny thing is you know there is a segment of people that will claim that all of Blizzcon was just a huge misdirection to throw people off of the real Xpac.

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