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    That was sooooo planned

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisavan View Post
    i dont care what claas it is as long as it uses plate intell/spirit gear

    I'm so glad someone agrees with me on this.
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    Ha-HA-HA-Ha. xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Mall Security View Post
    You don't know that she didn't, and it doesn't matter what she said, her parents are "RESPONSIBLE" for her, and as "RESPONSIBLE" parents they protected their child, fuck the little boy or your feelings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    oh, great. orcs and red logo. my least favorite race and my least favorite color.
    there making orcs into the baddies.

    Just put a soak in it alliance fans, kosak is making orcs into the bad guys as generic as lord of the rings online.

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    Well this is it the most retarded name ever possible for a wow expansion. Time to banish blizzard forever. This is just ridiculous. I dont even want to see the content lol.

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    Big Orc fingers wrapping around the logo?

    - - - Updated - - -

    So... gigantic orc fingers wrapping around the logo or something?

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    how the hell did they already took screencap interview which is not yet started, while stream is live??! they have time machine to future? time travel confirmed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    I don't know how people can have faith in blizzard anymore tbh.

    This information, according to several people I known, knew about this forthcoming for months, people who worked at blizzard leaked this information to the outside but swore then to keeping it withheld.

    Given how shit they are at actually keeping this stuff held, then the idea this might be a good expansion doesn't bode well either.

    Also.. Kosak.. being lead designer of this expansion and metzen backing away, yeah, fuck that, kosak has a thing against orcs, has no interest in dwarves or worgen, and frankly, this is a travesty to the story.

    And before you say 'durr, give it a chance first', did they enough times and seen shit hit the fan.
    Just because Thrall is not Warchief does not mean the entire Blizzard staff is against Orcs and the Horde now.

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    Blizzard administrator: "Dammit, Hoshi!! You've f***ed up!! What are we going to do!?!? Everyone now knows the new expansion! Geez!! What were you even thinking today!?"

    Sad Hoshi: "I guess not."

    Game Grumps reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalfos View Post
    Looks like it's official. Also
    Doubt they'd name their dungeon downscale mode and their new class the same thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bootybear View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Valancer View Post
    I play as a holy priest and when I ran hfc lfr I noticed after the first boss my heal spell wasn't casting. So I looked at it and it shows that it has a 34.4 min cast time
    Do you have the class trinket? If so, the cast time is correct. /s

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    Why is it red? We need a new colour. Cata was already red!

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    It's funny, so many people call it a fail or's marketing, letting it slip and getting the community talking about it (as we are right now) is precisely the right strategy.

    They did it by design and if by chance they didn't, it has zero negative consequence since ummm, don't we already know from several days ago the name it was going to be?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Penegal View Post
    I only have sound on the stream, no picture. All I get is the Blizzcon logo and sound. Anyone else?
    Switch channel. 1 minute to go, HURRY!

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    Epic fail in editing is an epic fail...
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    Wait.. why the fuck is the opening ceremony not open for those that did not buy the virtual ticket? it has always been free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blizzardnonentertainment View Post
    Well this is it the most retarded name ever possible for a wow expansion. Time to banish blizzard forever. This is just ridiculous. I dont even want to see the content lol.
    You're really having fun here i bet.

    But really, ORCS! And DRAENOR! Yaaay.

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    more horde lore that's cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by CosmicGuitars View Post
    Somebody's being fired.
    People don't get fired that easily sorry to tell you, its not like sites didn't already know.
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    Thanks for the spoiler on the front page

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