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    Still less clueless than Conan.


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    Quote Originally Posted by soulyouth View Post
    Jessecox would be sick but crendor is a scumbag that puts on a stupid fucking voice and hates wow, all he does is bag it now
    Lol so because he dislikes your game hes a scumbag? dumb fanboy much? and hes always had his "monotone" voice, Jesse also dislikes wow shouldn't he be a scumbag too?

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    That's what you get when you let females talk about games. LoL shoutcasters, commentators and analysts are always 100% male.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebbikenezer View Post
    To clarify: Hearth is actually pronounced HARTH. Heart... hearth....

    Anyways, I'm tired of hearing people pronounce it like "earth"... it's not, it's hearth (harth, long 'a').
    Exactly right... its pronounced HARTHstone.

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    Don't give her flack, guys. She's a WoW fan. She even said she can't wait for Patch 5.9

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    Every year they are the exact same, the 2 presenters are just awful, feels like they have no clue what they are talking about, was really noticeable when Kim Phan and Day 9 were chatting about SC2 tournies last night, the both of them were so at ease, really knowledgeable and active when talking about what they know. And the guy presenter was just sitting there like a spare wheel.

    Least we're only stuck with them for a 20-30 minute brief period between panels

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    Quote Originally Posted by vradar View Post
    Lol so because he dislikes your game hes a scumbag? dumb fanboy much? and hes always had his "monotone" voice, Jesse also dislikes wow shouldn't he be a scumbag too?
    No he is a scumbag because he makes videos bagging a game he, by his own admission logged on for like 5minutes to cap video of flying round then logged off, also has the most rose tinted glasses I've ever seen, same thing as TB, with Jesse he explained and didn't just be a douche and swap to new content.

    nice try thought 3/10
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    It's just so they can seem like they have a diverse work-place, people are being put in roles not because of whether or not they're good for it, just to be progressive.
    It's a shame, for everyone, she's doesn't seem to care, so it sucks for her, she's ruining it for people who paid, so it sucks for them, she's dumbing down the panel, so it sucks for the rest of the panel.
    They should stop with this "WOAH WOW SO DIVERSE SUCH CULTURE" crap and just put the people in there fit for it and who are best for the job, if they're White Males, they're White Males, if they're White Females, they're White Females, if they're Black dudes, they're Black dudes, don't give a crap, just make it the best it can be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    I never really understood why people pronounce it "Illinoi" and Arkansas as "arekensaw", while Kansas is pronounced the proper english way.
    The french colonized the land that became Illinois, hence why it's usually pronounced -oy rather than -oyz. Similar to Iowa's capital, Des Moines: -moyn, not -moynz. Can't speak for Arkansas, think it was just those crazy Confederates that couldn't pronounce it right and the rest of us Yanks decided to adopt it to make em feel better for being on the losing side.

    OT: For the sake of the panel they really, truly should make sure these people do use the correct information and pronunciations, and can also speak comfortably in front of crowds prior to the event. Don't they do trial runs? Hell, make sure they rehearse a basic script a month before, might make things look and sound less awkward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    they always are, they always have terrible presenters!

    they need to get some people like wowcrendor or jeseecox to present!
    OMG i would have bought a ticket for that!

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    she is not there to be smart :P she's there to look pretty and smile ^^

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    Her name is Aggra. You'd better watch your mouth. lol

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