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    Cool Boost to 90 and play immediately

    bye bye grinding

    Instantly Upgrade to Level 90: Boost one character of your choosing to be ready to adventure on Draenor, making it easier than ever to enjoy the latest content alongside your friends.
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    I wonder what does this mean... I hope it makes some good sense o.O

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    This is so stupid o_o

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    Elune be praised...

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    For £24.99 - available from Blizzard Store
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    Probably the new RAF.

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    Maybe it's premium from the store...

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    I cringed when I saw that... but the trailer otherwise was really epic!

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    Sounds like an additional paid service, but if not I will hand write this (just my) post on a piece of paper and eat it by way of apology.

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    It will be for a price and it is BRILLIANT!!!!!!

    I will gladly pay 20-30 , 50 dollars to not have to grind 1-90.

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    There's obviously be some requirement or something. I doubt a fresh player would be allowed to boost to 90 right away for example.

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    it means that they welcome NEW players and not forcing them to get bored with the game without even hitting lvl 60 of annoying grinding.
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    I wonder if it's for returning players only and not alts? like how you can get one free boost when you come back now?

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    I don't know... this sounds so stupid to be honest... I understand why the do it, but still...

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    I leveled 11 classes to 90!


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    I'm extremely happy for it, and so are the people I'm talking too, no more grinding -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by kejer View Post
    bye bye grinding
    Hello butt tons of people who have no clue what their 80 buttons do.

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    pick 2

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    wait for them to explain it

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