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    Thank goodness. I've seen the old leveling content 6 times now. I don't need to see it again.

    Now I can finally make that Shaman that I've been putting off for 2 expacs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skulltaker View Post
    Huh.. I wonder if you can 'save' this for a future expansion. As I already have all classes on 90, It'd be nice to do this if they release a new race/class with another expansion.
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    Because when WoW releases a brand new cool expansion that they want everyone to play, the first thing they want everyone to do is play through 10-year-old content!
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    To be fair, if you like questing and I mean you legitimately REALLY LIKE leveling and questing, nobody is FORCING you to use the feature. When you make a character, how fast you're going to level them is related to what you're going to use it for, raiding, farming, just for teh lulz?

    The only complaint I have about it is I'll never want to go into LFR again. I don't care what special set up they have for it, the class familiarity will not be there after 10 levels. It feels like it'll make LFR just so much worse with people jumping in with characters they've barely played for 1-2 weeks.

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    I love this change - it's enough for me to consider actually starting up one of my subs again. That, and the gorgeous new player models!

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