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    Stop freaking stats are just getting fixed.

    Whats going to happen is stats are getting there curve brought back down. IT WILL NOT RUIN YOUR SOLOING!! when they rescale our stats ALL mobs that were also stat bloated will be down scaled as well. After BC the stat curve went from a gental step to more like cliffs and that is what has created problems, the numbers are getting too big for the game to process effectively. all that said what you can ecpect when the tuneing is done is a smoother stat curve from level 1 to 100. Its a welcome change that will help the game move forward for years to come.

    TL&DR: relax the stat crush is just smoothing out the power curve and bringing numbers down where the system can process them easyer. you will not lose your ability to solo old content.

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    The Item Squish is being discussed here:


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