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    So, Where in the World is Alleria Windrunner? (and Turalyon)

    So, they said we "might need their help in the next expansion" but since we are going into the past, they don't really make much sense, right?

    But we do have Khadgar being part of things, why? His involvement might be completely separated from Alleria and Turalyon, but also it could be foreshadowing.

    Will Alleria and Turalyon be added on a future patch, perhaps Faralohn? So much speculation, but I do think they should be on this expansion.

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    We arent going into the past. The past is coming to us.

    And more than likely they used one of the many dark portals of outland to go to another world for their second honeymoon or something, getting away from their son.

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    If I'd have to take an early guess, I'd say there will be some sort of resolution in WoD where Grom becomes our ally, along with Durotan and whatever 'good' orcs there are on Draenor. The expansion after this one will be a BL invasion, where we use a combined force of Azeroth + Draenor to fight them off and either prove/disprove whatever Wrathion is thinking (not sure if he thinks the Iron Horde should just conquer Azeroth and then fight the BL, or if he's planning on the two worlds working together). Alleria and Turalyon will show up for that one.

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