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    You guys can calm down, not even Orc fans want the shitty Orc development that they're pushing in WoD. If development mean getting hit with the villain bat in the past AND present, you guys can have it.

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    I just find it funny that we were promised Turalyon and Alleria for this one, but instead we got Garrosh and Thrall again... + a dozen of the most prominent orcs from history.

    SoO was just about as much orc as I can handle. I was really looking forward to a different theme from all the bloody iron, mud, fire, siege-engines, and orcs. Draenor could be just fine, if they had chosen not to make it all about the orcs. 7 zones, 7 orc chieftains. Two orcs with daddy issues going to discover their roots. Sigh.
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