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    Anyone else noticed the typo in the 3rd picture?
    "Take an army THOUGH the Dark Portal"

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainArlong View Post
    Shark jumped. Time-travel? Hahahaha..
    seems that way, doesn't it? this just makes Pandaria and WoD look like stall tactics while we wait for the REAL xpacs.

    Garrisons in the past is really not going to carry over to the future xpac, making it a hard sell for player housing.

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    to be honest i really wanna kill Wrathion, he is like my #1 villain in this game for some reason.

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    So since its like the TBC exp again. Will the best raid ever get back ? (karazhan) xD

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    This is really good news. Dreanor and the story with orcs.. epic

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    Its gone - the sound is gone!!! Freedom

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    Omfg! The audio SOOOOO much better now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rejer13 View Post
    So since its like the TBC exp again. Will the best raid ever get back ? (karazhan) xD
    You. I like you. You have correct opinions.

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    I am super excited for the new mounts, the wolves in the beginning of the trailer look awesome!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infract View Post
    How did Blizzard not learn that nobody cares about Garrosh Hellscream, no one likes Garrosh Hellscream, and no one wants to fight Garrosh Hellscream again.
    Are you blind ? They ANNOUNCED, his not going to be a raid boss or anything like that

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    I think all this is patch 5.5 slash pre expansion patch leading us to actually travel in time to draenor.

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    They fixed the sound

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    Can we fight the Old Gods or the Burning Legion again, please? Hell, I'll even take a Bolvar-led scourge xpac... I am really tired of fighting my own faction at this point...

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    I really hope Garrosh gets killed by Grommash. With chopsticks. Reeeeeeally slowly.

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    "The end of this expansion is going to spill over into the next one. Many more expansions are lined up now."

    Oh god...

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    im going to save every penny to own the collector edition of this expansion

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    i really really hope Garrosh isnt going to be doing anything important. he's one of the worst characters ever created by blizzard.

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    I'm thinking Garrosh isn't the ultimate end boss, just a raid boss along the way.

    EDIT: Okay, so he won't even be a raid boss. Good.

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    Oh Dear.

    I was planning to quit, and I was worried the next x-pac would be really alluring and keep me playing but........

    No new races.
    No new classes.
    SAME bad guy as previous exp

    All we get is a prettier version of outland and some prettier player models. This should be patch 5.41, not 6.0

    GG. Subscriber record low inc imho

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    "SAME bad guy as previous exp"

    No...? They specifically said he's not a raid boss or anything.

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