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    [Possible Leak] The timeline/new raid from 5.5 World Event to Patch 6.5

    Black Prince thought we have time befor BL invasion. BUT, according to patch 6.0's quests. You will know the Old Draenor is now bounded to our CURRENT TIMELINE Azeroth.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The draenor has Old God too. And you will find it's rescued by Titans too.
    No New Race.
    No New Class.
    No New Talent.

    Welcome back to the old days max DPS counted with 4 digits not 8.

    The first vision when you land on Draenor. Like Dark Portal hug?

    If it's all about old RTS story, it's not so exciting then.
    Let me get this straight.

    If BL not destroy the Draenor, Gul'dan will not open the Dark Portal, then DW will not be crazy, Arthas will not be Lich King, Sha will not released by accident. Everything will be different.
    Sha gives me the vision of my most honored glory --- Garrosh Hellscream

    Patch 5.5 World Event
    Collapse of The Time

    Hellscream jailbroken from the jail by a mysterious human.
    The book "Rishen of the Horde" is the key.

    时魂之钟,铜龙军团的瑰宝,它作*于平衡时间线,*它们永远在平 行之路上而不互相交触,当这个瑰宝毁灭之时,我们的时间线将无法 再次保持平衡而最*会撞向另一条离我们最近的时间线上。 而你,*酋长,我要将你送回到那条即将与我们碰撞时间线的过去, 组建真正的钢铁部落,当两条时间线碰撞之时,就是你重返荣耀之刻 。 “你的目的何在?为什么我要帮助我?“ ”我有我的*由,但是我绝对不会妨碍你,在这个世界的将来不会, 在那个世界的过去亦不会.....
    Patch 6.0
    Warlords of Draenor

    With someone's help, G Hellscream back to Draenor.

    Raid 1: Cavern of Felmyst Boss: Gul'dan
    Raid 2:
    Fall of the Karabor Temple Boss: Grom Hellscream
    Raid 3: Dark Secret of Terokk Boss: Terokk

    The Warsong Clan is the storyline key of this patch.
    New Ally Camp:
    Time Travellers Leader:
    Heart of Draenor Leader:
    Ner'zhul and Durotan
    Horde/Alliance Army
    Sands of Time Soul Leader: Zhaladuomu

    Patch 6.1

    The Ancient Power of The Earth Warder

    New Ally Camp:
    Wing of Anzu
    Wing of Dark

    Final Raid: N/A

    The Warsong is now ruling the planet without Demon Blood. And Garrosh is building the New Horde.
    The next plan --- Death Wing.

    Patch 6.2
    Rise of The Black Prince

    Raid: Lair of Deathwing Final Boss: Neltharion (Human Form)

    找到了死亡之翼巢穴的兽人氏族准备向耐萨里奥发起总攻,并捕获耐 萨里奥化作部落的绝对战力。 在这看似不可能的任务之下,加罗什却有着*殊的*心,而这*心正 来自于*首亚刹极的记忆...... 黑王子正等着对自己的最后试炼,一条战胜对死亡的恐惧与获得真正 的荣耀的道路。

    Patch 6.3
    The True Horde

    战歌部落最*杀死了耐萨里奥,虽然这不是最*想的结果,而加洛什 也获得了耐萨里奥*上残存着的一部分上古之神力量。 在战歌真正统一了德拉诺,浴血了死亡之翼之后,战歌氏族正式改名 为铁血部落。 而离加洛什的最*计划,也只有一步之遥

    Patch 6.4
    Fall of Hellscreams

    Last Stand of The Eastern Kingdom
    The biggest Raid Dungeon ever in WoW history and alternative raid between Horde and Alliance.

    Alliance Line:
    Part 1: Fall of Stormwind Boss: W Saurfang
    Part 2 :
    A Bloody Path
    Part 3 :
    End of the Tyrant Boss: Garrosh Hellscream

    Horde Line:
    Part 1: A Brave Moment Boss: W Saurfang
    Part 2:
    Fall of Grom Boss: Grom
    Part 3:
    End of the Tyrant Boss: Garrosh Hellscream

    Patch 6.5
    The Origin

    Plot Battle: Ascension & Downfall

    This is known new stuff form the same solid source of my last spoiler.
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    Sounds good. We could really use some more Horde lore.

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    Another expac with garrosh as last boss?


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    Seems legit. I've long wanted a Horde-centric expansion in which we fight an orc with the surname Hellscream. There's just too little of that stuff in WoW!
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    good to see saurfang back. To bad about his boy though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    This would be nice if Garrosh wasn't final boss of the expansion already.

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    alternate raids for alliance and horde? Inb4 world first drama.

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    Sounds totally reasonable imo. Time-travel has been heavily involved in Wow, so it would be make sense if WoD expanded on this theme. But I still hope Blizzard surprises us with an Old God expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItcheeBeard View Post
    Another expac with garrosh as last boss?

    The real one behind is in Patch 6.4 or 6.5 which the leaker said IS. But not in this leak.

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    Sorry to say... but another X-pack revolving around Hellscream... that just doesnt sit very well.

    In my opinion.. that ship has sailed... we beat him once and he knows we can do it again.

    Aaah well.. we will see in a few days

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    Even some random specualtions are more likely to happen than this "leak" :P.

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    no i don't want to fight garrosh and deathwing again.

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    Yeah, not feeling it...

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    Google translated to chinese, must be legit

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    Gul'dan? Eff yeah.

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    MogIt probably.
    Why do we need to keep bringing back Warcraft people that are dead? Grom, Illidian, and Medivh have had their stories finished. Terrible or amazing. They aren't giving room for the lore to expand.
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    Seems a new Onixya is being born .

    Garosh Hellscream . For the 2nd time the end boss of an expansion . And I can bet that next time will also be merely a setback , because they will need it to be also the boss for the 6th expansion.
    Eventually we will kill it in the 6th expansion and will return as Undead Garosh as the final boss in 7th expansion.

    I can't wait.

    And DeathWing for the 2nd time ? Why not the 3rd time too ? I have a great ideea : a fight versus 3 dragons at once : DeathWing+Undead Nefarian+Undead Onixya.
    Something very original.
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    If we're retconning all the things we damn well better be saving the draenei.

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    Sorry, but im not believing this. I mean, fighting garrosh again after we literally just finished a expansion revolving around him is just a bit dull. Not to mention I think having a raid that is too different between horde and alliance is just biting off a bit much from a development stand point.

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    Sounds good. Perhaps at expansion 7 we can go even futher back in time and fight Grom's daddy. Because you know, lets just keep fighting orc's with surname hellscream for the rest of WoW.

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