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    New Quest-Reward System my personal favorite feature. What is yours?

    Now that all those whine Threads are popping up I think it would be nice to say what you look forward to.

    Random Loot with possible Epics for Quests quite the interesting thing if they play that card out right it would be really exciting to do Quests.

    "Through a refined, flexible questing system, you’ll meet storied heroes and villains in battle without slowing your exploration of a forbidding land. As you and your allies win victories, you’ll be duly rewarded—any quest can randomly award bonus rare or epic items. Stand beside legends. Break the tide of steel."


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    This excites me as well, considering the possibilities. Not just the bolded section but the first sentence as well. It seems like they may try to make quests compete for dungeons for endgame players. This is a good thing. Some players love to quest but probably feel its a waste of time regarding gearing up. Now they can play what they prefer.

    I'll definitely be following the news on this feature.

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