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    Half-Life 3 confirmed!!!11!!1!!!!1!1!!1!1111111111111

    OT: It looks awesome. This actually might be the first pay mount I buy, but if it uses the same skeleton as the dragons.... Maybe not.
    Looks like it uses the aspect Dragon Skeletons,

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSrm View Post
    Such a stupid reply really. Who is to say what is "winning" the game? Maybe it is having the most achievements, having the best transmog? The most mounts? Anything that gives you _any_ advantage is p2w for me and many others. If you think collecting mounts and pets and titles is dumb, well that goes for you and maybe you should be off doing something else. Also think about it, when you clueless people welcome these sorts of actions, dont you realize you are opening for more p2w in the future? Including possibly pure equipment sets etc.

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    Who is to say what is winning in the game? How about the people who created the game? You make no sense. You are making up games for yourself and getting upset with Blizzard for not abiding by the rules of your made up game. THEY decide what is "winning". That is why they are the creators. I don't understand what makes you so entitled. On another note, having a mount of a different color gives you no advantage whatsoever. Yes you get more achievements. Achievements do nothing for you in game.

    Actually no one has. I'm still waiting for a real argument against that, but you can't break a solid fact. Its just that some people are deeply indoctrinated to see through the exploitations and greeds that comes from blizz(activision). I get that you like this game, i do too, its one of my favorite hobbies, but i dont blindly accept anything they do.

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    Actually they all have made valid points you just refuse to see them. You have no solid facts. The only solid fact you have is that you made up a game and blizzard won't do what you want them too. How's this for a valid point: IT'S FOR CHARITY!!! They are not profiting from it. imo they can sell top tier gear and legendary gear if its for charity. How about you stop and think about someone else for just a second instead of whining about having to make a sick child's dream come true in order to get a pretty mount.

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    From MMOC front page:
    You can technically buy as many level 90s as you want if you buy another copy of the game, get the level 90, and then transfer the character to your main account each time. The team has talked about putting a level 90 purchase option in the store, but it hasn't been decided yet.

    and there is no such thing as p2w ín wow...

    as it has been mentioned getting a level 90 character is not winning...

    You are not max level. You do not have top level gear. You will have no other advantage than any other player at level 90. In fact I bet you will be at a disadvantage because people who have leveled up to level 90 probably have better gear and actually know how to play that class well.

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    I gotta say this, but...

    My wallet is screaming in pain as my eyes look towards that mount, so much...temptation...can't resist...

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