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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanatik View Post
    2x 10man that requires 2 tanks from one of those 10 man to maintain a full dps spec, and we haven't even addressed the loot discrepancies between 10 and 25 that currently exists.
    New expansion, new gear? Doubt you'll be using T16 going into the first raid.

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    Terrible, terrible idea.

    Stop messing with raid IDs, raids and guilds. Just leave things the way they currently are.

    My main issue is that if normal/heroic are now "flex" how will gear drop, if it drops like it does in LFR I'm done with this game, and to be honest that's the first time I've ever said a developer decision would cause me to quite wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Pearl View Post
    Less than 25m though. 2x 10m group forms a 20m group. What do you do with the extra 5 people from 25m groups?
    well, 5 people of four 25man guilds can form a 20 man group.

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    Great news. Hyped for that will make me return for sure. More competition and recognition/reward structure only obtainable by good players instead of people taking the easy ride to the same rewards as me playing in a logistically more difficult raid format.

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    I guess the question now as a heroic 10-man raider is whether to recruit more people to have enough people for 20-man, or quit heroic raiding entirely. Not looking forward to either option. And no naming normal into heroic doesn't change anything unless the difficulty is also close to what current heroics are.
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    Speaking as along time supporter of blizzard and especially world of warcraft, I have loved in recent years the 10 man raiding scene however, if they go ahead with this new diff and force our 10 man heroic raid team out of the top level it will indeed be the end of my wow gametime.

    I play this game to raid with my friends at the highest level of content, we never clear it but we are least a part of it and to be forced out of being able to do that content (because lets be honest, 10 - 20 is pretty bloody stupid to scale up to), my wow time after all these years will have no reason anymore to play as raiding for me is my main reason to play this game.

    This is the first time I have ever even thought about leaving this game and if they dont change that I will be devastated.
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    This will cope with the reduced amount of players.

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    Worst shit I ever heard!!...... Whats going wrong with them?!

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    i knew this would cause a small shitstorm ^^
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues :

    -Rogues might still be dealing with the changes to combo points {2014}

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    They're really making me reconsider next expansion now. I absolutely hated 25m raiding.

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    This change is beyond stupid - I see 10 man mass disband/unsub

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Pearl View Post
    New expansion, new gear? Doubt you'll be using T16 going into the first raid.
    If you're in the race for world first, you will be. Unless they pull a MoP of course.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zdrasti View Post
    He's telling you upfront what's going to take. It's not ninja looting. It's pirate looting! YAARRRR!!!

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    LFR, 10-25man (Flex scaling)
    Normal mode (currently known as Flex), 10-25 (Flex scaling)
    HC mode (currently known as Normal), 10-25 (Flex scaling)
    Mythic mode (currently known as HC), set 20 players (no scaling).

    If you are raiding Flex or Normals atm, this changes nothing.

    If you are currently raiding HCs: 25mans will have 5 less ppl to carry, 10mans will have to join 20man guilds or merge with other 10man guilds (feel bad for the Tanks).
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    As the GM of a 25man guild this makes me happy. Guildies get upset thinking that we need to cut half the guild to get to 10man and make our lives easier. Now i can just cut the 5 people that i feel are bringing us down and progress even further into the highest difficulty possible.
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    10 mans will be picking up the scraps from the 25 mans. Most 25 mans run with a 30 man roster. Now with the downsize, 10 mans, which normally run 10-12 on a roster, will pick up those extra 8-10 players. All 10 man players get to keep their spot. But in 25 man, 5 people lose their core spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libertarian View Post
    They're really making me reconsider next expansion now. I absolutely hated 25m raiding.
    Depending on Tuning, 20M might actually be beyond you/your guild. Think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Pearl View Post
    Less than 25m though. 2x 10m group forms a 20m group. What do you do with the extra 5 people from 25m groups?
    10 man groups play 10 man because they want to play in smaller groups. A large majority of 10 man guilds have not secretely had cravings to team up with another 10 man guild. Changing from 25 to 20 players is a far smaller change than from 10 to 20. You will probably not notice that much having 5 less players in your raid group, but having 10 more you would definately notice. Also merging guilds always go so well.

    Increasing raid team by 100% is a bigger change than decreasing it by 20%.

    The mythic change just completely screws up and destroys what has been the 10 man experience of being in a smaller raid group, while the 25 man experience of being in a bigger raid group, while affected, still remains largely intact.

    Pretty safe to say that 10HC raiding got more fucked up than 25 HC.
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    RiP 10man guilds ;(

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    Its pretty much back to bc, no more stupid 10 vs 25 discussions and stuff. I really like it to be honest. And all the 10 man guilds have like a year to recruit more players, stop crying. I guess you will find enough that got cut from their 25 mans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtacle View Post
    You could argue that 25 mans lose out more since you will have to cut 5 players who would always raided with you whereas for 10 man guilds you still have your full 10 man group, just with more players, nobody would have to sit out.
    What I was thinking lol.

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