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    Garrosh issues, logs included

    My guild got our first garrosh kill two weeks ago, and we moved into heroics last week downing Immersus and Norshen, then struggled and ended up not down garrosh. We had a slightly different comp, but here is a post to logs any input, advice, criticism (helpful) would be greatly appreciated.

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    well if you can kill immerseus, your mechanics and burst healing should be should be fine and if you can kill norushen your dps should be fine

    also if you've had him on farm make sure you don't lust in P1 because if you can kill heroic noru, your dps is past that and just save it for P3

    starting with healers because I'm seeing deaths in annihilate phase and whirls, so they are probably the issue

    uh well decided to start w/ the resto drood cause that's what I play, they stood in desecrate quite a bit, also I saw deaths during the freaking annihilate phase, everyone is stacking in melee right because no that shit is a joke to heal through, especially considering you had druid shrooms and your priest was using divine star, either that or people died and you just stopped healing and tried to wipe

    I assume you guys have a defensive/healing cooldown rotation going for whirls of 3 minute cooldowns for each for whirl or at least have 2 (especially w/ a 2 healer comp it's good to have the 2 healers rotate personal cooldowns on each attempt and have the healers (in this case disc and druid) rotate between using nature's vigil and spirit shell each whirl, or at least tell people to make macros or call out when they use a raid cooldowns so you don't blow too many at once because healing (and a few bad handlings of adds) seemed to be your guys' issue here (we just save barrier and and smoke bomb for transitions because we ding the mana saving nicer than using it in a whirl and barely getting anything out of it)

    make sure people that can are using their taunts/distracting shot/etc. to the fullest for adds and helping to pull them away from others, if you really need to, although it'll be dps loss you can have a tank take 2-3 and just kill them there, try to take advantage of whatever cc that works you can use on them (roots, grips
    make sure all of your people get back together after adds are down, you have 3 melee, you're going to want people at least somewhat together for interrupts (preferably before desecrate comes out unless you want it in a bad place) unless you want to lose a lot of dps to wandering around trying to get to people

    side notes:
    some of your dps could be using their defensive cd's more, specifically smoke bomb seems to be used a kind of low amount and I don't know how to tell if demo banner is being used on WoL

    and people need to get out of desecrate faster although I wasn't paying too much attention,and some of these were probably just people trying to help wipe it faster (consider telling your druid to take displcer beast, it'll let him instantly get out of desecrate before it even hits the ground)

    also I guess you guys tried 3 healing it and it didn't get you anywhere at some point

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    thanks for the reply ill take this back to my guild

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