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    [SV]4 PC set[PvE]

    Hey all

    So I got the 4 set this week and oh my, things get pretty crazy. Some questions:

    1. Lock and load procs sometimes go on for so long, that my focus ends up capping. Should I maybe fire an arcane shot or two to dump some focus before expending my LnL procs?

    2. Lock and load procs sometimes go on for so long, SS is very close to falling off/cant be refreshed in time via CS, pause in the middle of LnL procs to CS or expend LnL procs?

    3. Black arrow refresh strategy (i think this was answered before but I want to make sure) I have raid finder AoC 2/2 upgraded so BA cd is around 18 seconds. Do I just use BA on cd or is there any other optimal strategy to refresh it?


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    1. no, ES no matter what. You are not wasting focus if you are spamming ES even if you are capped because ES is your single highest DPS ability.
    2.if you are in a LnL chain and really high on focus then refresh by using serpent sting instead of CS.
    3. You should BA when there is 2 seconds left on the dot, otherwise you get wasted ticks.

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    1. Nope, ES all the way forever if it's up.

    2. Wait until there are fewer than 3 seconds left on SS and manually refresh rather than spending more cast time on CS.

    3. Install a timer like WeakAuras or NeedToKnow (I use NeedToKnow) and track Black Arrow time on the target and try to time it so that it refreshes when there are fewer than 2 seconds left on the DoT - remember that you need to account for travel time to target based on your distance and the goal is to keep it continually rolling without losing ticks/having it fall off at all. This can sometimes mean firing it at 2 seconds left (close to target), or 2.5, or even 3 seconds left if you're quite far away (Immerseus springs to mind here, because his hitbox is large but impacts aren't registered until the projectile gets to the model, which can mean a ton of travel time).

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