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    no news about transmog on WoD?

    i wonder why they didnt show anything about transmog, i remember on one of the leaks about a similar or equal diablo 3 transmog system on wow, so no news? maybe a couple of restrictions lifted? new combination posibilities? will be able to transmog legendaries this time?

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    Give it some time.

    Tomorrow there will be some more information. I'm sure they'll touch more on this type of thing.
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    NOthing yet, hopefully tomorrow they'll bring it up. I'm excited to see what could be done with expanding the xmog system, such as transmoggable enchants for aesthetics, dye systems and so on.
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    MogIt probably.
    There are some lingering xmog issues I hope will be addressed tomorrow. Or within the next couple of weeks.
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    well its only 10 minutes before the first part of the pannel wow ends and no signs about transmog

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    second pannel ended, kind of dissapointed about nothing from transmog, looks like ill play another expansion with my bags suffering

    EDIT: nevermind, i looked on the recap on the front page and it looks like its on the list.
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    So it looks like they're planning on implementing something that will allow us to transmog an item even if we no longer own it.

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    One dev when asked about the new transmog feature from Reaper of Souls that allows you to have a big tab filled with all the gear you've earned without it taking space said that they might be working on such a thing for WoW but did not want to say it as a feature just in case it didn't end up being put in.

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    Nothing... they only said they want a system similar of Diablo III, that saves the model of gear you get, instead of the need of it to be in the bank.
    But, no word regarding recolor, restrictions, etc

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    I hope they make it like Diablo 3 where it's Account wide, the problem is that they said they'll do it "later".

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