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    Think it's better to look at T100 Talents as a choice of damage tier. If you want a ranged cp ability then pick Touch of Elune. If you want a way to handle AoE better, get Will of Malfurion. Lastly, if you want to simplify the single target rotation, swap out a glyph (assuming the current SR glyph remains), and you know there won't be many adds throughout the fight just take Might of Malorne.
    Such tiers are hardly unprecedented, as well. Just look at the mages bomb tier, or Priests and Paladins level 90 tiers.

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    I think the same as Cantor.
    Both, feral and moonkins are still underpowered in AoE-situations. They should make a new Talent of that according to DPS gain like the others are.
    That AoE-Talent does not fit in there.

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