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    [A] Ruthless | 10/14H | 10M Recruiting

    Ruthless is looking for the missing links in our 10 man roster. Our team is very laid back and enjoys having fun, however that being said we do take progression serious it is our first most priority.

    We raid Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 7-11PM AEST but we may do a little overtime or push an extra night if we are getting close on progression.


    Have a decent ilvl and raiding experience
    Be on time for raids.
    Coming prepared for raids, e.g. Flasks, Pots, 300 stat food.
    Able to play multiple specs if required and know your role and class back to front.
    Own up to your mistakes and understand how to fix them.
    Be able to take creative criticism well.
    Not every class is optimal for every fight, other people may be brought in before you.

    Current Progression



    Currently Recruiting:

    Warrior DPS

    However we will consider exceptional apps regardless of current recruitment status.

    For more information contact myself or Voska via real ID
    voska#1459, cry#6214 or feel free to reply at ruthless-guild.enjin.com
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