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    Expertise geming

    Hi guys i just want to know, like, i see many locks with expertise + Mastery gems rather than the Int+mastery, i asume is to take advantage by reforging hit into Mastery and so, my question is, at what point (Ilvl) should i start geming for this expertise +Mastery gems build

    this is my armory, ty for your answers guys

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    The best bet is to sim your char and see if 2 mastery is better than 1 int, but at your gear level it should be. One exception is if you can't get rid of enough hit to reach 15% (this is my case). Then you would gem Int, but otherwise exp would be better.

    Edit: if your hit gear already have mastery on it, such that the excess hit cannot be reforged into Mastery, and also if 2 Haste/Crit are not better than 1 int, then you would gem int (or ignore socket bonus and go 320 Mastery).
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    As your gear improves, it becomes easier to justify - but basically you need to weigh the stat you will be gaining vs int, and see if they are better for you - ie, if you gem expertise, you give up int, but don't have to reforge for hit elsewhere - so whatever the stat you aren't reforging to hit should be worth more than 0.5 int per point.

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    It really just depends on how much hit is already present on your gear. If you have very little to almost no hit on your gear then you can gem expertise etc depending on how the reforges work out and get more secondaries. If you have a lot of hit on your gear then you cant reforge the extra hit so you just gem int.

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