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    Who is responsible for garrosh's escape?

    Now that we know garrosh will escape, it's time to decide whose fault it is:

    Varian : stopped thrall from finishing off. I still can not believe they don't show is character in strait jacket, he is definitely some level of retarded. First he gets people to build him his own statues while death wing rapes his territory and now this.

    Thrall: This is theoretical, Thrall goes in to do his green jesus with garrosh "Oh Garrosh, you can change, there is good in you." At this moment Garrosh sucker punched Thrall and elopes with Agra (this explains why Agra does not go to see Thrall's family in Orcistan.

    Pandaren: They are just so lazy. half the time they're asleep and the other half they are drunk.

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    a bronze dragon called Kairostrasz or Keirostrasz or some such
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    Jim Raynor! Oh wait wrong universe....

    Um who knows. Prob some evil goblin with a time travel trinket.

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    Yeah it's none of the above.
    Varian and Thrall were all for killing him, so if you want to blame someone for him not being killed on the spot, that would be Taran Zhu for demanding that Garrosh would be tried for War Crimes in Pandaria.
    But him escaping is someone else completely.

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    While I know this is a joke thread, I'll still answer. None of them got him it. It was a Bronze dragon most likely who helped him get to the past.

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    Chris Metzen.

    Honestly. He wanted to tuck Garrosh away and spare him death so he could conveniently tie into the next expansion. Going all RP for a second, I'd say the person most directly responsible was Varian for stopping Thrall. Garrosh's head could have been crushed into mush and we would have been rid of him forever. But no. His character lives on. And you know, honestly, the idea of even giving Garrosh a trial is ridiculous. The only suitable punishment is death. Exile? He'd just find a way back to make trouble. Imprisonment? He's dangerous. He'd try to get out one way or another.
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    Kairoz. /10char
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    The weekly vision quest from timeless isle sees Anduin speaking to him in his cage when u get to the white tiger temple
    just my theory though
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    Tom Chilton, being the doughnut that he is, spoiled it during the WoD panel, saying that it's Kairozdormu who broke him out and also the one who takes him back in time.

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    Drunk panda's and bad writing. Seriously, he's pulling a Napoleon... and he's not even a fraction as intelligent as the little corporal.

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    It should be Wrathion release Garrosh. Since the current horde and alliance both do not listen to him, he decided to send Garrosh to the past to unify the orcs and stop the burning legions.

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    I chose drunk pandas for the poll but i have a feeling it is definately wrathion who helps him escape!

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    Dammit Obama! Why'd you help Garrosh escape.

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    Drunken Pandas. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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    It was revealed to be Kairoz, the Bronze Dragon questgiver on Timeless Isle. Why would Kairoz, who preaches the frailty of time, do this? My guess is by mind-controlling abilities over other dragons that come naturally to members of the black dragonflight.

    But, isn't there only one black dragon left? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    Kairoz. One of them (Cory Stockton I think) messed up and let it slip during one of the panels.

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    Anduin is responsible.
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    Drunk panda bears, of course.
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