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    A comparison of map of Draenor and the Outland

    The map of Draenor is captured by me from the wow art panel today.
    By the map we can see there is a montain, The Chronal Spire, where may connect the Draenor to the present Azeroth.
    Also, we can see Blackrock clan and Shattered Hand clan belonged to Iron Horde.

    Because this is a new account, I cannot link the images. I am sorry for that.
    Please someone helps me to link the images.

    P.S I updated the map
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    I can't link the first one for some reason so:


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    try this link and delete the space before ".com"
    i.imgur .com/axw8MF1.jpg?1

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    With the amount of elemental upheaval that took place between those two maps, I can somewhat see the logical progression. Netherstorm shatters, Hellfire becomes desolate, Zangar isn't completely flooded/underwater. Frostfire ridge really is the biggest change in the map, along with Spire of Arak, but one can easily argue it shattered and broke off just like the Ogre continent to the southwest did.

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    I put these files in photoshop, and Gorgrond and Frostfire Ridge both occupy the place that Blade's Edge has now. Gargrond should be a lot left to be Blade's edge.

    So I'm thinking that Frostfire collapsed into Gorgrond (half got lost in the Nether alongside Spires of Arak) helping to cause all those spikes and leaving Gorgrond/Frostfire more to the left than Blade's Edge is now, probably some bits of Gorgrond separated and grouped with the shattered Faralohn to create the Netherstorm.

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    I wonder if the Whisper Peak related to Draenor's Old God.

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    I wonder if the Whisper Peak related to Draenor's Old God.
    I think it had something to do with Kil'jaeden, actually. Where Ner'zhul heard him or something. Coincides with the HP name too.

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    Seems like blade's edge is getting the most massive overhaul... it'll still be a desert, but it seemed that, for the most part, it was losing all the spikey mountains... which were kind of an eyesore.

    Wonder if they kept the singing ridge and "ancient Arrakoan civilization" in that area, though.
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