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    Hunter rework. (Speculation/thoughts)

    So this expansion was somewhat of a letdown for me personally atleast. Not all that many new features, but I suppose that means Blizzard can focus on reworking the classes to make their specs feel different from one another. And they can balance it all, atleast until they then announce a new class which will blow the balancing into a million pieces. But enough about that.

    With the teaser trailer yesturday, we saw a Draenei Hunter fighting in melee combat with no pet in sight. I thought that this could possibly be a hint at either the 100 talents or the rework that blizzard have been working on to make the hunters spec feel very different from one another.
    And as it turns out it looks like it was a hint at the talents with the hunters level 100 talent With or Without You. (Which is possibly not the final product)

    So before I read this tomorrow I had this thought in my mind. Why not just rework Hunter entirely? Back in the day a Hunter had melee abilities though it was completely useless, the only reason you had to use it was because of the dead zone around you. When that was removed Hunters no longer needed melee abilities though, which caused an effect I'm not sure was anticipated. All the specs was suddenly the same, more or less.

    So I thought why not just rework the Hunter entirely and make it into a Beastmaster/Ranger type class:

    Beastmaster. You are a fierce Hunter fighting head on face to face with you best friend and companion. You fight like an savage, learning from your companions in the animal kingdom. With teeth, claws and steel you fight off your enemies making away with them swiftly only leaving a bloody mess. But you know understand the animals and follows their way, sharing a special bond with your companion.

    Think Rexxar. Basically a Melee Hunter fighting with melee weapons instead of a ranged. Sharing a special bond with your pet: Bond of Protection enhancing your survivability, Bond of Ferocity enhancing your damage or speed depending on whether you use 2 1h or 1 2h, Bond of Cunning your pet have more unique abilities and you get one of them depending on the pet
    Marksman. You are the perfect marksman. Utilizing your pet to distract your enemy while you aim for the head. Snipe your enemy dealing tremendous burst damage, or deal continuously damage shredding your enemy to pieces with lead, arrows or bolts.

    Basically how Marksman functions currently. Utilizing only ranged weaponry
    Survival. You are the rough tracker of the woods. You do not need a pet, you always work alone. Using deadly poisen and traps you fight off any enemy by poisoning them and swiftly executing them with your melee weapon. With camouflage you work your way around any danger getting the full perspective while watching your enemy from the bushes before you strike swiftly with a poisonous arrow.

    A Ranger inspired fighter utilizing 1 1h weapon and a ranged weapon. You keep your enemy at bay while dealing poisonous damage over time beating the enemy from afar. But you can swiftly deal with your enemy if he gets too close. You are a master of dueling so you can hold your ground against any opponent, what your opponent doesn't know however is that you use potent snake poison on your weapons causing nausea or searing pain.

    (Think a bit on how the Enhancement Shaman works. Possibly with a rework on Crossbows to be a 1h weapon instead, so that for Marksman you either choose to use a Bow, Gun or two Crossbows. And for a Survivalist the Crossbow would then be essential for having the melee/mid range combo.)

    Basically it wouldn't take away from what the different specs are supposed to be. Beastmaster would still be about aiding your pet, though here you are helping it by being side by side with it. You would still need Beastmaster in order to tame rare pets, as you would now.
    The marksman would essentially be the combination of what a hunter is currently. And the survival would still be about dots, explosives and poison.
    It would all just be delivered in a different way and with some remade abilites, bringing back the melee aspect of a hunter. Even the new "With or Without You" talent could even still be utilized for Beastmaster and Marksman, maybe it had the opposite effect for the survivalist in that you get a bit reduced damage but gain your pet instead or maybe you could call your pet temporarily to fight for you.

    The question is would you play it? Would you like it? Or is there anything you would change?
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    I like the idea in the very very preliminary talents of "Lone Wolf", no pet, 30% increased damage. I like that, though increased range would be a nice addition to add.
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