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    delete epics or blues without typing delete?

    I do old content alot and get alot of items from AQ for example that are not for my class and therefore have to be deleted since they can't even be vendored but problem is they are blues and purples so the game demands I type in delete for each and every item I try and delete. Is there any mod or macro or something that just lets me delete without having to copy and paste or type delete a hundred times a week?

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    It's not exactly what you want (and I don't know the answer), but apparently curse.com/addons/wow/easyloot should let you add items to a list of things not to pick up, and so with a little extra work you at least won't loot them a second time.

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    Something like this?

    /run hooksecurefunc(StaticPopupDialogs["DELETE_GOOD_ITEM"],"OnShow",function(s) s.editBox:SetText(DELETE_ITEM_CONFIRM_STRING) end)
    Cut off the /run and make it into an addon if you don't want to hit it every time you log in.
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