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    Been out for a while...

    hey guys, I have been out of the game since right after 5.2 released...so a little while...I wasn't doing a whole lot of pvp then, just with my Druid. But I have 90's of a warlock, DK, druid, and rogue. Was just curious which one of those is worth spending the time in pvp now? Nothing too hardcore like rankings, just mainly RBG's and 3's...

    I love playing all of them so the usual "play what you like" answer isn't so much helpful. I really like my rogue, the play style. But when I left rogues were pretty much just speedbumps for most other classes, has anything changed?? (same with my aff lock that I love playing)

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    Resto druid, UH DK, Affi lock and sub rogue seem good?
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    Just be aware that sub you go solo in rbg to cap that third base.
    Warlock / Druid you are going to be part of the group fights.
    Would primary consider what you like more to do. Also heal drui/ warlock will get easier rbg invites.

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    We don't allow "Choose My Class" threads here. You're welcome to research the classes you're interested in but the decision is yours to make, alone.

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