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    Your verdict on the new character models

    Was wondering what others thought of the character models, Blizzard said originally they had to be careful because people had grown attached to the characters they'd been playing since the game was released and didn't want to make mistakes

    I'm incredibly happy with how they've turned out, I find all the ones I've seen so far absolutely stunning, I'm really excited to see how the other races we've not seen yet turn out.

    Images can be found here:

    Q. Are you happy with the character models so far, explain your reasons why
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    As for a reason... new updated models kind of explain that in itself. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhaine View Post
    Q. Are you happy with the character models so far, explain your reasons why
    Yes, I'm happy with them.

    I'll restraint myself from voting until we see Night Elf and Human models, tho.
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    I don't care about character models that blizzard show already Im intresting in Orc Female and maybe undead.

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    Dwarves look great so at the very least I'll have that. I'm really hoping the Human and NE redesign make me want to roll one.

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    The models all look fantastic so far. The undead head shots have me a little nervous because the the one with the bands crisscrossing the skull was changed to show the glowing eyes and I specifically took that option on my toon because I was tired of glowing eyes.

    But I can't deny how gorgeous they are and if there are any changes I don't immediately like I'm sure I'll find a new option that will fit.

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    I thought they did a great job! When I saw the Orcs I thought "I'm going to race change my lock, the new orcs look awesome!" but then I saw the undead faces... Nope, sticking with my Undead Warlock. I'm not sure what it is, but the undead faces look freaking awesome to me. Can't wait till they hit live

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    I'm happy with them. I really hope the others look so amazing as well. I'm kind of afraid how my night elf will look like though

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    I'm liking it. I know there was this one person who kept complaining about the lack of seriousness on gnome faces but... cmon... Do you REALLY think gnomes were supposed to be that serious? I'm pretty sure this equates to a lack of facial expressions more than "OMG MY GNOME HAS SEEN SOME SHIT!" Yeah I suppose they could have a more neutral face for just standing around but I feel like gnomes have always been an extremely playful race of creatures who really don't have much to be down about.

    Anyway back on topic: I love how they've changed some of the boring models (orc casting) to look so much more alive. I showed my mom the comparison videos since I've been home for the weekend (she's never ever touched WoW) and she was excited (to some non-gamer mom degree) with me and could easily point out the hard work put into these new models.

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    Yes, i play a dwarf hunter, and when i first saw that new dwarf my jaw dropped.

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    I love the direction they are going. The race that i'm really excited about is humans, especially the male version. But with the things they have shown i'm pretty sure that i will like the rest of the races too.
    Hopefully they will all be released with the start of the expansion.

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    I'm happy with the way they turned out, though I do have some critiques.

    I was worried when they said they'd try to make them as familiar as possible, because so many of the characters looked so gross or not like their official art. Now that we've seen them, I think they pulled off making them look like the characters we've known all these years while still massively upgrading them. However, I still find it a huge shame that wrists are still barely there, orcs still have a hunch, tauren are still missing their necks (what's supposed to be their neck is attached more like a hunch than how it's ever portrayed in art), and I'm worried what that will mean for other races. I wish they could have at least given us more options on that front.

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