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    Gaming as a self-concept

    Hello all. I was going to wait until after BlizzCon weekend, but figured I might as well share it now.

    I am doing a study for my Ph.D. on various aspects of gaming, gamers, and their relationships. I'm currently working on the part of the study pertaining to the gamers self schema and perceptions of self as gamers. There are two parts to the survey, the first one with questions on self as a gamer, and the second part with questions relating to message interpretation in the current or most significant romantic relationship the participant has been in.

    I would very much appreciate if you could help me by filling out the study survey. It's a relatively short questionnaire that takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out.

    Thank you so much!

    Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/gaming-and-self

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you all for taking time to respond to the survey. It's amazing, watching the participant counter go up as I posted the survey on MMO Champion. Thank you, MMOC community.

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    Filled as good as I could. Though many questions seemed pointless as it repeated the same thing multiple time in a different way...but I suppose that was intentional.

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    Yes, it serves a purpose. Thank you very much for taking part in the study, really appreciate it.

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    Filled it in as good as possible, did skip the grouping part though. This also isn't a thread for the WoW general discussion.
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    Thank you Bumbasta. And all others.

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    also filled in, some questions specially with the agree/disagree part were very similar or total opposites tho
    mmo-champ bg color is green /agree
    mmo-champ bg color is not green /disagree

    only did myself as the grp1 part, skipped the others

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    The "group" section wasn't particularly intuitive. I don't think you're going to get good data on that, as how you define what you're describing is very much open to interpretation.

    You also make the assumption that everyone is in or has been in a romantic relationship.

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    Pretty sure some questions, specifically the "He/She showed interest in the conversation" question which was asked twice but spaced out by 5 or so questions, are asked on purpose to determine your reaction to the wording of other questions - and thus possibly sort out some sort of bias.

    Still, I'd argue that interpreting the degree to which the respondents imagining holding a dinner conversation based on a video game - or the degree to which they imagined keeping on it on track - is going to be a clusterfuck after ones like "He/She wanted to move the conversation to a deeper level."

    I mean, sure the whole prompt seemed to want to contextualize the imagined conversation with the fact that your significant other had to ask you to stop playing the game, and then you bring the game to the table as well, but I'd wager most people would at that point probably think something more along the lines of "They want me to speak about my ideas - which I'm probably already doing because I'm not a boring twat who won't stop talking about one topic. Who does that?" than "I want you to stop talking about the video game that I just had you stop playing, and which you won't shut up about."

    Of course, that is probably supposed to be a bias (do you think that you can make video games deep?) which is being sorted for, on top of whether or not you think your s.o. was giving you a friendly reminder or a concerned warning to stop playing in order to eat, but damn... headache.
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