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    Thumbs up Resub now or wait?

    Hey guys i was just curious if i should resub now or wait to see if there going to be doing some promo like they did last year? Where if you bought a year of wow time you got into the MoP beta and got Diablo 3 for free. Now im not really worried about the free game but the beta would be pretty sweet.
    So i guess my real question is do you guys think they will be doing a promo this year again or not?

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    I doubt there will be a promo like that again this year, i'm sure we would have heard about it by now and I believe they said that they mightn't do it again. Honestly, if you're not currently subbed and progressing through SoO heroic and/or aren't interested in PvPing with friends, I'd probably hold off until WoL, you're just gonna be very bored for a while lol.

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    i was devastated when chilton said they weren't planning one. reaper of souls and WoD beta would have been amazing incentives for it. my heart has been shattered twice :/

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    I'm not going to probably buy it right away.

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    You should probably just wait. I mean, free 90 and all. What's the danger in waiting?

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    not much to do now anyways. So why sub now

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    resub now and star acquiring gold.. garrison will be ur next huge gold sink.
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    I'm honestly quite surprised they didn't pull out an annual deal this year. They must've regretted the Beta issues pretty hard last time...

    Anyways, my stance is if you're excited for the expansion only - JUST WAIT.

    Remember, it's not done yet... things can change, and many of those things COULD be removed. Remember Path of the Titans, areal combat in Wintergrasp and what-not...

    On the flip side, if you're like me and never played MoP - it might be the perfect time to do so before they flip the switch on the Pandaria zones to use that awful CRZ crap when Draenor is released.
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    I'd suggest waiting.

    Also, not currently planning another Annual Pass. The option's always there I guess, and they'll keep it in reserve, but the combination of rewards players got at the time of the last AP, well, they don't have anything similar. The expansion to D3 doesn't work because not everyone has D3 - so those without would just get an expansion they couldn't even play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glowpipe View Post
    not much to do now anyways. So why sub now
    i haven't touched timeless isle and from the sounds of it someone from there helps Garrosh free. so i would like to play for lore mostly. i do sorta miss pvping and pet battles tho lol

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    wait, there is no WoD beta or am I missing something?
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