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    Proudest moment in Wow?

    So, just thinking back, with a new expansion on the horizon to past days playing (and.... still deciding if I'll be returning at the moment, quit during 5.3 - nother story tho) and to past achievements.

    What would you consider your proudest moment in WoW? Mention when you started to give some perspective

    Easy one for me I think:
    Playing since day 1 but by almost the mid-end of TBC I ended up as raid lead of a 25m guild.
    I'd "led" quite a few fights by this point but all were just executions of the tactics planned by our old GM. (Snegl <3)

    Come to Archimonde in MH and he'd basically quit so this one I'd laid out.
    So fixed the groups (north/south/east/west so the doomfire things could be controlled) and we'd had a few tries.
    Got close a few times but we'd not quite got him
    We had a lot of dps down and he was close (either 3% or 3% over where the script kicks in and kills him, I forget) and melee we probably had 4 melee and a couple of casters left. The casters were dropping like flies and the melee area was getting covered in doomfires.
    I called a "melee out, just get out, spread out and get the fires to follow". Lost another couple of dps but it worked, the area around the boss cleared up (meaning melee weren't dying to fire), called the melee back in and finished him off.

    For the first raid kill that was "totally mine" to be Archimonde, especially with the call near the end definitely stands out.
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    Probably getting the epic WSG bracers lol, I was so happy.

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    Rank 1 lei shen hc

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    Getting the Warglaives of Azzinoth! I was so happy to finally have them both!

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    r1 challenge mode times
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    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
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    14/14h and finally done

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    So many to choose from. If I had to choose 3 and rank them though:

    1. I had quit but returned near the end of BC to get back into raiding for the first time. I joined a guild when WOTLK started and started the trek to level/get geared up. Mid to end of December they decide to start raiding but I didn't join as I didn't think I was ready. In Mid-January I got a whisper from one of my officers who asked if I wanted to Naxx with one of our sister guilds. I told them I knew none of the strats and my gear level wasn't great but they decided to take me anyways. 24 hours later (it was a 2 day raid) I was standing over Kel'thuzad's dead body and I had only died 5 times. Even my dps was good compared to theirs. I think the proudest part though was on Kel'thuzad as the raid leader would call out those void spawns but stopped halfway through the fight as he realized I was doing it properly.

    As an aside a few days later the guild decided to go to OS where I ended up #1 on the dps charts. Needless to say I ended up going with the guild after that where ironically I had progressed further than they had.

    2. One of my guilds in BC did a AQ20 run while everyone was lvl 70. It was quite the shock to see me #1 on the dps charts at 16% of the total damage a stat that wouldn't change throughout the run.

    3. Standing in front of LK and just knowing I could beat him was also a proud moment. It was a moment that culminated a lot of time and effort to get there.

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    First time I hit 2200 in 3v3s.

    Earning Champion in Vanilla.

    Getting my first epic item (Earthfury helmet off Garr)

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    I raid lead a group of players who have never raided before to 10/16hm back in T14.

    Killing Heroic: Will of the Emporer for cutting edge was just fucking amazing to see those guys pull together and go from 200th on realm to top 15.

    For those who'd like to see what that moment was like: (Both of my Tank's cams, though one of them was playing his Alt Rogue PoV)
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    My first Archimonde and Illidan kills.
    Mostly because I didn't think that I would be able to do it before the end of the Xpack as I rolled Alliance by BT release. Leveled up asap and got as much gear as I could to make into the core group, obviously starting all over from zero by then, no gold, no nothing. It was worth it tho.

    It simply felt so fucking epic.

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    Definitely our first Archi kill! It just took SO long. We were mainly a guild of good friends who also liked to raid - however on that fight especially, it seemed if something COULD go wrong it did - and things cascaded so rapidly that (until we really got the hang of the fight) ONE person misclicking their tears could end up in a wipe!

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    Algalon realmfirst (top200 or so).

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    #1 Pre-nerf M'uru

    #2 Being full T3 / BiS Hunter and going into AV with 5-6 pocket healers on defense...getting 10x more damage done than anyone else and holding back 25+ Horde.
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    Fuck you, that's where.
    Not attaining [Stood in the Fire] during the entirety of cata. It's mad skills

    Oh and I was the third best geared Prot warrior on my server during cataclysm for about 2 weeks. Which I made a lot of money from.
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    way to many to pick one.. but off the top of my head when we first got normal LK down and the tanks passed the tanking mace to me even though i was low DKP b.c. they felt i got them that far and earned it.. second to that is heroic sindragosa kill me (prot pally) and a holy pally left standing was so close and exciting. Everyone else died.. i moved her to one far corner.. bubbled at the last moment she turned to the holy pally.. i waited till the last minute taunted back, and that travel distance bought just enough time to top me off health wise and for some CD's to reset, boss died to DOTS in those last few seconds... so epic.

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    I helped turn around a guild that couldn't kill normal end bosses to one that was fighting for a top 10 server placement. Not anywhere near the world or even EU top but still on the first page of wowprogress on our realm. That felt good, to achieve that.
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    Top1 on wol for my class.
    Epic on wowprogress for my guild.
    Getting bis gear before anyone else on server.

    Other obvious things. Sadly after several times you stop being excited by it...

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    MogIt probably.
    Using my holy mightstone on Kul'Thuzad on our Undying kill.
    Xmogging favorites in order from left to right.

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    Highest ranked Ret in the world and second highest ranked player in the world (all classes) at the end of t15. Was always my goal to be the best Ret when I made my Paladin in 2009.

    r1 challenge mode times
    Would love to achieve this as well someday.
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    Tough question since I play mostly for personal prestige. Started back during TBC but didn't play too much during WotLK/beginning of Cata. Some of them are:

    1. #1 EU Eng, #3 world mage to complete Brawler's.
    2. Being last man standing at our first 25man HC Garrosh kill, after 3 weeks of not playing and 1st night of being there. Tied to this is finishing t16 inside a great guild with an amazing rank that I've never previously imagined I could be part of.
    3. Raid leading ( and including receiving said promotion ) throughout the downfalls of Illidan, Vashj, Lei Shen ( and DS with my alt's guild ) which gained me the respect of some players I consider better than myself - these unexpected events were mostly welcomed.
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    Everytime someone in LFR/Flex pug mentions Corrupted Ashbringer and I can casually whip mine out if I'm on the right char, heh.

    Also killing Galakras (10-man normal) after being last man standing for the last 20% or so. No-one could quite believe it happened at first, especially since I was nowhere near sober at the time.

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