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    Formed a guild after only playing WoW for 4-5 months. Took a group of 5/12 ICC players on to kill the Lich King at about world rank 100,000 which felt EPIC at the time.

    Scored a full Realm 1st clear of Dragon Soul normal (this wasn't really that amazing, and it was normal mode, not HC, but at the felt amazing). Sat on Realm 1st on Wowprogress for a full week, coming from previous realm rank 25th or something? Felt like gods. Also scored realm 1st Morchok HC and then finished the tier in 15th lol
    Former Balance Druid & HC Raider for MCO, Shadowsong
    10HC Rank #92 on a 13-15 hour Raiding Schedule

    Now just an old & tired casual...

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    Highest dps in my guild from Vanilla - Ulduar where i switched to healer.

    Good times

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    Looking at “At gold limit” on my screen for the first time.

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    Probably killing garrosh on normal for the first time. Got 4 crits with my shadowburn instantly dropping him from 7.8m to 0% but since I died and the only person left was the paladin who bubbled he got all the praise :/
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    Getting Gladiator.
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    From MoP, one im very proud of is heroic will of emperor because it's mine first raid related FoS (sadly only i got so far, but i hope for garrosh before Warlords hit )

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    Realmpool 1st 5vs5-Ranked team and Server-First LK-Heroic kill... but thats so long ago....
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    Being the second person (if only by 26 or so seconds) on my sever with my cloak. After 9 years of drama, bullshit and helping countless other people obtain their legendaries I had finally obtained my own. It was more of a self-goal kind of thing.

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    I rolled 100 once
    Shootz' Law (Cya Godwin)
    As an MMO-Champion discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving 25s and 10s approaches 1. In other words, Shootz observed that, given enough time, in any MMO-Champion discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably makes a comparison between 25s and 10s.

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    I was level 60 and had been saving for months to accumulate 900g to buy my epic mount. On the way to the mount seller in IF, I decided to check the AH and there was my dream bow... The Hurricane for 800g. I bought it on the spot and was the happiest hunter a hunter could be (UBRS was still end game). I went out to the arathi highlands and killed spiders while I marveled at its attack speed.

    That was over 9 years ago. And I'm still playing. GG Life.

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    realm first Sulfuras on horde.

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    Leaving the worst server on EU in a guild ranked in the thousands to join a guild that is now ranked top 20 in the world.

    I felt I was good enough to raid with the pro's but boy was I wrong, heroic raiding on a high pop high end server was what I dreamed for but when I got there, I was far from ready, failed my trial and was given a second chance and passed and now enjoying my raiding life.

    I still miss the guild I left and still call that plague ridden server I left my home.

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    Raiding with one of the best guilds in the 25 man scene.

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    First things that come to mind:

    First lvl 60
    Vanilla Rag
    Epic ground mount
    Vanilla 4H

    Heroic Sha
    Heroic Lei Shen

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    Realm Second LK HC (10M on 15% buff level) - just a couple of hours after the Realm First groupe...

    Our Guild was working on 25M HC at the time and after the kill we where kind of the early "experts" in the Guild

    Was also fun to sport the titel as one of a very few for quite some time...

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    Keeping up a feral kitty in tank form on our first Kael'thas kill whilst being the only healer alive. I think there were only like 2-3 other dps also and a kitty in bear form at 20% or so. Our raid leader at the time forbid us to go into BT without first killing him, as this was a week before the patch where you didn't need the kills to go in became live. Bad sentence forgive me. But that was my proudest moment for sure. I'll never forget the feeling that gave me. Then we were finally allowed to raid BT.
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    thanks to numerous documentaries like the one you´ve linked, everyone knows, if shit happens, it will happen to the US first

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    Succeeding at Baron timed run - at lvl56 - I was the healer.
    First ZA timed bear run success. I mean the real ZA, not the Cata-revamped stuff.
    Archimonde down
    Kael 25 down
    Firefighter, Freya+3 10 down

    These kept me energized for days.

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    Surviving our guild's first Halfus H kill on my mage by hitting ice block just as the last other person died, then watching the dots tick him down, knowing that my mirror image was about to come off cooldown, hitting mirror image + blink just as the ice block broke and surviving those last few seconds as everyone cheered me on in vent...

    I discovered in that moment that I loved being the last survivor. I think that was what spurred me to work on my paladin and dip my toes into the concept of tanking. I still adore those last survivor moments, when everyone else is on the floor and I step forward to see what presents the boss has given us.

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    Either killing Illidan or killing Kiljaeden back in TBC.

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    My proudest personal moment(s) have been getting Rank 1 on World of Logs consistently in both 10 and 25 man. My proudest group moment would have been either LK 25HC M'uru or Heroic Ragnaros.
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