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    Being a level 67 holy Pala in TBC being the healer for my guildies group that was killing the sons of grull. Didn't have flying mount so had to go around with summons and jumping through the cliffs in Blade's Edge. Really fun times!

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    "My proudest moment in wow comes from not an achievement in game, but rather about my guild. We are the oldest standing guild on the server. We have been together as a 40 guild then shrunk down to 25's and had weathered tons of instances where it felt like we would always adapt. Early in MoP we had about 13 raiders from our main group including the former GM and a few officers that felt they were being held back by the rest of the raiders. After they left we had to pick up the pieces and didnt raid for almost over a month as we dont do 10 mans, and they had taken half of our healers. We pushed on and got amazing new people to fill their spots, and tbh they were better than those that left and I dont mean in player sense, I mean as a personal way, the people i had called friends for almost 8 years. We have never been hardcore, but always a heroic progression guild always pushing new content and try have a 60-70% completion rate on most everything. Now we are killing bosses not one a week, but sometimes several new bosses in a week. The feeling of downing a new boss and giving someone a virtual hi-five is back and better than ever. I never told a friend of mine Liv how he had made this possible, if it had not been for the several people that he helped get ( his former guildies ) we would not have been able to recover the way we did. Yes we got several others besides what he was able to, and this helped fill out the roster but the belief that he had in the guild and me and the officers that we would succeed to this day astounds me.

    The best part was when they failed (the people who left) and several of them came back about 2-3 months ago with their tails between their legs ( as they didnt want to leave the server and missed most of the guild ). Their guilds had failed, and well it was hard not to feed on their tears we let some of them back in but gave them a big dose of humility on the way in, because we love them like siblings. The guild has changed and its for the better, I had a old school raider from classic to wrath come back a few days ago and he was so impressed with how the guild is ran now that he wanted to let the officers know personally. I cant express how this makes me feel to know that we went from landing in a big pile of shit, to come out smelling like a million roses.

    So that is my favorite moment in wow."
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    gettin perdition Blade and enter in naxx 40 2006 !!!

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    Downing Magmadar with twelve people at 60.

    Had a fear go wrong very early in the fight, ended up with myself and another priest as the only two healers, fight took far too long, but we downed him nonetheless.
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    Me and my irl pal (monk & mage) beating Rogerbrown and some other method member in 2s match in 5.2 I think ^^ Or being 2nd on realm to get quel'serrar in classic @ Sylvanas!

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    Only small successes.. Got Vitreous Stone Drake and Ravenlord both on 1st boss kill.

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    Hm, quite a few;

    - Killing Ragnaros the day we all dinged, wearing scarlet monastery shield

    - Server reputation back in vanilla

    - World first Anub'Rekhan 40

    - x2 Gladiator in TBC

    - Server reputation in Wotlk

    - Finding the love of my life with a "hi" in orgrimmar

    - Not commiting suicide after doing LFR when the love of my life forces me to do it to gear an alt, wipe 10times on garrosh and wait about 40minutes in total for new people

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    In classic, when i got Netherwind Crown (T2 head), i almost started to cry. I ran as fast as i could down to my brothers room to tell him, and while that was happening i also won the Onyxia bag on a raid roll. Best night ever. I was kinda new to the game at the point and running around with that item, i was so proud! beats all other memories i have in this game.

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    Things I earned on my own: The friggin Stratholme mount... (I lost count an how many times I did the Baron Run)
    Things my raid and me did: Kael 25
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    My most glorious moment in WOW by far, was when after many days "trying" to complete Ragefire Chasm, and therefore, complete the Thralls quest, I got as a reward my very first Blue (Axe of Orgrimmar if i am not mistaken, in the time that a Hunter needed a melee weapon :P). I felt so much rewarded by a simple Axe after so chat spam for a new tank that would just rage quit after 15 min in the dungeon..... (take that in mind that i was a complete noob and it was in Vanilla).
    But in a close second, when a random dude gave me gold so i could have the skill to ride an Epic mount, even today i feel that i own him so much....

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    Getting Thor'idal (it was after the content was relevant)
    Heroic Rag
    Getting the Fiery Warhorse after farming Karazhan for months on 4 different characters

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    Doing raid lead, having the raid perform flawlessly like the strictest russian ballet and then getting the server first message spammed all over the server and hundreds of people spamming me and other people from my raid. In that context, Anub was probably the proudest, since I managed to do it without being an asshole. A paladina wiped our first attempt in a horrendously stupid way (used bubble on herself rather than keeping it for when her sacrifice cd was supposed to be on the tank, hence she died, hence no Grand Crusader) and was in tears afterwards, so I talked to her and made a point of taking her into the raid again the next week, giving her some pep talk beforehand. Needless to say she did her job brilliantly and we got the realm first. Glad I didn't have to sit her out, because that would probably have ruined raiding for her.

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    My proudest moments are probably killing Illidan and Archimonde for the first time, successfully mage tanking HKM, and holding the record for highest DPS on Shade of Akama (although I'm sure people beat me later) with 4400ish DPS (I wish I had proof, but sadly I had poor judgment and never screenshot anything).

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    Back when i raid led a 10m during Dragon Soul and coming up with the strat for our H Spine kill. Organizing all the cooldowns and tactics for each roll and plate lift. After putting it into practice we killed it within 5 attempts or so (15% nerf i believe). All the while I was warrior tanking and kiting bloods which was a lot of fun. I was so proud of myself and my team.

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    first LK heroic kill on my druid, because i managed to stay alive i was able to push him into the final phase and get everyone rezzed before i died, therefore saving the raid. and they gave me the mount.
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    I don't know if this was the proudest moment for me, but I remember back during Wrath running a LK pug. Half the raid was composed of our guild and the other half including the RL where from another guild we were joining for the second half of the raid. Long story short, the RL was an inept and angry douche bag who kept picking on one of out healers in vent because he was 15 years old and had a lisp. The raid was going fine until we hit Blood Queen and we wiped, the RL immediately kicked our healer who had nothing to do with the wipe and then proceed to kick anyone else who disagreed with him. I was the first one to leave the raid, told him to go fuck himself. Shortly after most of my guildies and even half of the people from the RL own guild left the raid. He bitched and moaned about it in Trade chat trying to stir up some drama, and all he got was ostracized from our server. Never heard from him since. At the time I didn't even hesitate to leave the moment he kicked our guildy, which I think in part is what made so many other people in the raid ditch the group. I'm sure everyone else was feeling the same but no one had the courage or will to stand up to the guy, because he was RL with Master Loot. I'd say I take pride in the fact that for once in my entire WoW experience I saw people not act like self centered douches and do the right thing.
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    Doing the hunter quest without a guide and without knowing what to use. It was fun and challenging

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    being the last man standing on many many fights with my old guild back when I mained resto shaman instead of resto drood (shade of aran, gruul, zul'jin, mimiron, sindy) that doesn't happen anymore since I now bear taunt and pop hotw if I have it and run like a retard to stall time when shit goes wrong)

    and still being so undergeared due to so few drops that I was in T4 druid leather on said shaman and I HAD to ankh on naj'entus in BT as I lacked the hp unless I got lucky with a resist to survive the bubble burst

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    Getting Vis'kag few month before BC, oh I felt so strong with a hemo spec.
    Getting Gutgore on Garr, first loot in MC (my first epic too iirc).
    Getting Warlock 90 realm first (on a small realm but I wasn't in the beta and was questing alone all the way, I was so tired).

    Guild-wise, killing Horridon the first week with ~493 ilvl was pretty nice.
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    First time kiting Gen. Drakkisath on my hunter.

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