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    [H] tanks/dps lf oceanic guild


    myself and 3 mates are looking for a oceanic 10/25man guild.

    we are looking for a guild that raids around 7-10pm any day throughout the week.

    we can offer the following classes

    dk tank or dps / moonkin


    warrior tank / hunter

    dps monk / priest

    please either send me a pm or add my battletag Joel#1870

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    If anyone is interested or links are wanted I will post since Happylolface doesn't have linking rights yet.

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    bump, interested in pretty much anything at this point to Prep for WoD

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    G'day fellas don't know if you're still looking but Awakened might be a place for you however we do raid a little bit earlier (6-9pm).

    Our recruitment thread is here

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    Can you raid GMT8 timings? ReAp3r#1438

    We're looking to strengthen our roster for 25mans in preparation for WoD. Fluffy Unicorns, 13/14H.

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