View Poll Results: Which area you will build your garrison?

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  • Tanaan Jungle

    11 8.73%
  • Frostfire Ridge

    20 15.87%
  • Gorgrond

    7 5.56%
  • Shadowmoon Valley

    33 26.19%
  • Nagrand

    36 28.57%
  • Talador

    13 10.32%
  • Spires of Arak

    6 4.76%
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    Where will you put your garrison base?

    Hey everyone, just a question for everyone here where do you prefer to put your garrison base? at which area of Draenor?

    For me it will be Talador. It fits very well for my blood elf male paladin and I will call it "Bastion of the Crimson knight Velshin".

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    Shadowmoon valley for sure! What a beautiful zone!

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    undecided yet, I'll have to see the zones in greater detail

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    Can it be be put where ever on Draenor? I don't know the restrictions.

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    How would I know? I don't even know what most of the zones look like in-game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthedevil View Post
    Can it be be put where ever on Draenor? I don't know the restrictions.
    There's a pre-determined spot in each of the zones where you can put it

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    Unknown, I haven't seen all the zones yet.

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    Poll should have option for undecided.
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    Im gonna put mine where the ladies are , turn it into a nightclub and stuff /jk

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    Undecided as of yet.
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    Honestly it depends. If price is determined where you place I might be sol with placing in a shitty spot.
    If not then somewhere in a forest for rp reasons. Shadowmoon looks...promising eventhough I'm horde

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    The Patient
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    Shadowmoon Valley, it looks so pretty.

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    I haven't yet decided obviously, but a wild guess is Talador
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velshin View Post
    Hey everyone, just a question for everyone here where do you prefer to put your garrison base? at which area of Draenor?
    At the moment I'm thinking Talador as well, but opinion is critical to change as expansion gets closer.
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    I think I'm going for Nagrand. I liked it back in TBC and assuming it'll still look somewhat the same, I'll pick that.
    You can change the zone later after your garrison reaches a certain level, so I might go to Shadowmoon Valley later on.

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    Tanaan Jungle! I'm a shaman and the idea of hanging out in the jungle where shamanism originated sounds awesome. Maybe I'll even rip out one of my own eyes!

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    I was under the impression it would only be in Shadowmoon.

    This... this changes everything for me. Dear god the choices.
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    When I saw the new Shadowmoon Valley screenshot I was pretty sure I'd put it there!

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    I hope they make the New Nagrand as beautiful as the old one

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    I honestly don't know... I wish they had more options for the placement of these things honestly but I can understand the limitation... I'll have to see the spots they can be placed at and the zone itself to make my choice. Probably Frost Fire because I'm a death knight.

    Off topic a little bit: I hope they offer more customization than simply Horde garrison/Alliance garrison... or even race garrison. I would HOPE they tailor things to suite your class as well...because my death knight is not gonna like sitting around in the shiny blood elf buildings.

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