View Poll Results: Which area you will build your garrison?

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  • Tanaan Jungle

    11 8.73%
  • Frostfire Ridge

    20 15.87%
  • Gorgrond

    7 5.56%
  • Shadowmoon Valley

    33 26.19%
  • Nagrand

    36 28.57%
  • Talador

    13 10.32%
  • Spires of Arak

    6 4.76%
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    Probably in Shadowmoon Valley and I'll call it Kingdom of Heaven, or something along those lines.
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    Probaly in Nagrand, since I really like it now, so I hope would be as awesome as it is now!
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    Frostfire! I love winter zones!

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    I'll be exploring like you wouldn't believe. I may not decide till after I can fly. There might be some mountain top areas that could be awesome.
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    Gorgrond or Spires of Arak, hopefully you can choose the location of your garrison in any of the zones (not only Frostfire = horde, Shadowmoon = alliance & Nagrand if you are feeling neutral.

    What I feel like, it woulde be awesome if at least some of the buildings would be customized depending on which zone you place them.
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    I plan on maining my hunter next xpac, therefore I vote Tanaan Jungle.

    I was under the impression it wouldn't be possible to put it there though.. anyways if I can't then I'll probably go for Shadowmoon or Nagrand.
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    Honestly probably gonna be different for each character. My Orc Shaman and Orc Monk would probably be in Nagrand or Frostfire while my Tauren Paladin would likely choose Talador.

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    Cannot say for sure, since I do not know how will the new zones look like. But most certainly it will be a bright place, with clear visiblity at distance. And somewhere where nights are beautiful and not too dark. Now, my only wish is that the architecture options become available, and I can have a Thalassian garrison, instead of the orcish one. It only makes sense, If a Blood Elf is building something, he will do it in his own style, not in orcish or some other.

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    For a Troll, only a Jungle seems fitting...
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    I thought horde could only put it in the horde zone (frostfire ridge) and alliance could only put it in their zone (shadowmoon valley)?

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    if the rumors are true that you won't be able to fly until the first major patch of the expansion, then I'll garrison up near the closest alliance city. Guess I'll be in SMV.

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    Frostfire Ridge unless the area looks unsatisfactory, then Shadowmoon Valley. If we're stuck with ground mounts in this expansion, I'll likely build in Shadowmoon Valley due to the proximity to the Alliance capital.

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    Entirely depends on two factors:
    - Can the placed Inn be used as a Bind point, or have a Garrison Teleport
    - What zone has the most relevant rare mob/mobs with items I want.

    If the first factor is a no, then i'll probably put it in Frostfire, because hearth.
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    Whatever place is easiest to fly to from the Horde hub, because after a few days, that's all I'll care about.

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    my blood elf male paladin

    I despise your kind...

    OT: Mine would be Nagrand.
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    As Alliance: Tanaan Jungle / Gorgrond
    As Horde: Frostfire Ridge / Nagrand

    Both: Shadowmoon Valley

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    Frostfire fits my Orc DK perfectly.

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    Shadowmoon, Nagrand or Frostfire Ridge. At the moment i prefer Shadowmoon, but i would not be surprised if Shadowmoon and Frostfire Ridge are faction locked to Alliance and Horde

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    Poll should have option for undecided.
    If you are undecided, come back to vote when you have decided - no one is pressuring you to "VOTE OR DIE" right now xD

    Probably some lush nature like Nagrand or Zangarmarsh for my Alliance - and some bad ass Shadowmoon Valley for my Horde.

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    Gonna build my hunterfort in Tanaan Jungle for sure.

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