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    Ele Shammy struggling on H Spoils, help please!

    Dear readers,

    Our group has been stuck on H Spoils for longer than necessary. We think our Ele shaman could be doing better, but don't know enough about shaman's to say exactly what.

    edit: apparently no links
    Here are the logs from last night:
    The realm is US-Thrall, the guild is Scrubless. our pulls were Monday night on H Spoils. If someone would be kind enough to link after me that would be awesome.

    and here is our shaman's armory:
    Swaylest on US-Thrall

    It just seems like at 578 equiped he should be pulling more than 200ishk on this fight. If anyone is really feeling motivated, feel free to provide feedback about anything you see, not just the shaman. We feel like our dps as a whole could be much higher given that nearly all of them are 570+.

    Thanks so much!

    p.s, didn't see a "Fix my DPS thread" so if this is the wrong place just let me know

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    Armory: Lack of 4-piece tier bonus isn't helping. Even the normal mode version of the Shoulders and Helm would be better than the Ordos pieces he or she is using. The shoulders and helm are well allocated secondary stat wise, while the ones Swaylest uses are not.

    Logs: I'm looking at the 8:28 second long wipe 16. Swaylest is specced for Elemental Blast, yet only casted it 10 times. Even in a cleave setting, if specced for it, it needs to be used. Honestly, Swaylest should spec Primal Elementalist for this fight anyway. The hardest parts of this fight are dealing with the large crate mobs quickly, and having the buffed fire elemental helps with that. It allows the shaman to drop a fire elemental for one large box mob and use ascendance on the other one. In terms of Swaylest's cleave damage, there just aren't enough lava bursts, earth shocks, and flame shocks going out. It can't be pure chain lightning all the time. There is always a priority mob within the cleave (Anima Golem/Golden Urns on mogu side; Kuchongs/Amber Priests). Target that priority mob and do a standard rotation just substituting chain lightning for lightning bolt. When it dies, find a high-hp mob, flame shock it and repeat the process. Switch targets as necessary.

    Regarding Log as a whole: Why were only Crantank and Shißßy the only ones that attacked the two large Klaxxi box mobs on that side? Pull the klaxxi generals to the middle of the room, and the ranged can cleave off the big mob to kill the surrounding sparks at the same time. Time your other side so that while one side is killing a big box mob, the other side is killing trash and vis-versa.

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