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Thread: Buying lvl 90's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shibuya View Post
    How is getting a lvl 90 char pay to win in an 100 level expansion? What have you won?

    What sense of accomplishment do you get after grinding/levelling that 10th toon'? I don't get any.

    Intricacies of class mechanics? Are you actually joking me? The game has been so simplified you can understand any class and their abilities in one afternoon, stop being delusional.

    Most people do not have 1-2 chars anymore, it's just an optional service that will create more people playing at end game. This feature will also entice new players, or players that gave up during the levelling process. Imagine you are a brand new fresh player, you would have to grind all the way to 100 before enjoying any end game content. This would probably take you months and ultimately most people give up, Blizzard identified this. Grats Billzard, great job in my opinion.
    It's really funny that Powerleveling by third-party websites is still illegal, because you pay another person with irl money to do the job to you. Blizzard could easily ban you for that. But now, Blizzard itself add a "powerleveling" option with IRL MONEY. Yeah that not illegal/P2W!! Money goes to Blizzard not third party "organizations"!!!....

    Blizzard -> Junior EA....

    Quote Originally Posted by Serissa View Post
    Without a doubt. I did it (leveling) many times already. It was mindless grind in vanila, it's still mindless grind in mop. Nothing changed. I'll gladly skip it.
    Yeah, it's still a Mindless Grind. Do you know how hard and time consuming is to Press the LFD button and wait for the pop up window while you "afk" at SW/Orgri????
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    Levelling to 90 is a chore and wasted time, it would save me much more time if I could just buy it all from doing 1 hours work at work.

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    When someone is coming back to the game, let's say this guy is from the TBc era. He got 30 levels to catch up. Does he want to do it ? Maybe. Blizzard is giving him a choice, " you didn't like WOTLK/CATA/MOP cause you didn't buy it. So here is an option to start in WoD"

    Whats wrong? Getting your penties wet cause you won't be special with your 20 90s ?:P Damn you QQ that there are to few tanks, what if this brings back Alot of tanks?
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    yea i dont mind.
    aslong as we dont get into pay2win.
    buying yourselvf not even to max level. sure why not?

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    Who cares, its not a max level character.

    Other people having a character 10 levels below your main isn't going to help them beat you so it doesn't matter.

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