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Thread: Buying lvl 90's

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    I don't really like it, for the fact that it's lvl 90 only, but it's still better than nothing.

    I wish they would sell lvl 100 chars, but only on a new server type, PK server with less restrictive PvP rules and where all the mobs get scaled up to lvl 100, including in the starting zones.

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    Meh, i'm paying a sub, i don't want to pay extra for perks !

    Instead of making you pay irl money, why not a 100 000 gold fee for example ?

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    i think its a good thing, more people to play with while leveling up = injection of fun into the game.
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    I love leveling, but I've done 1-80/85/90 just TOO much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorqin View Post
    Only a matter of time before tier sets are on sale as well.
    People just want to buy everything to show thier epeen ingame instead of having fun leveling/raiding to achieve thier goal.

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    Don't need it, won't buy it. I currently have 9 90s, and its fairly easy to level up new ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aSynchro View Post
    Meh, i'm paying a sub, i don't want to pay extra for perks !

    Instead of making you pay irl money, why not a 100 000 gold fee for example ?

    Because 100.000 gold is worthless for Blizzard. They want REAL MONEY!

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    Another giant leap towards p2w. This is one of the worst ideas ever suggested and i would immediately unsub.
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    There is a missing option. Don't care. I won't use it cus I find it waisting money and I don't care if others do use it to get a bit faster to that point. Playing my own game.

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    "welcome to WoW. Our levelling experience is so poor, you can pay extra to avoid it".

    how do you think you can attract new players if this is what they face when they start playing?
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    I like the idea, but I would never ever buy one. But a lot of my friends would enjoy this and make my raid team easier if someone re rolls :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huehuecoyotl View Post
    "welcome to WoW. Our levelling experience is so poor, you can pay extra to avoid it".

    how do you think you can attract new players if this is what they face when they start playing?
    Because new players don't pay extra because the expansion offers one? And since the new battle chest I would assume they would just pay for new battle chest and expansion.

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    People forget blizzard is a business, and ultimately the goal is to make money.

    Blizzard's subs is down to 7.5mil, so they need new and exciting ways to make money, while hiding it as a "feature".

    Leveling to 90 now is not a struggle, and has not been this whole expansion, even someone that starts a week before WoD has a chance to level up to 90.

    This wont impact the game at all, anyone that's serious about the game, or having alts, already knows how to level properly or has all the alts they want.

    This feature is for blizzard to make more money, and for people with extra cash laying around to get an alt they cba leveling.

    If you dont have any 90's now that you want, its not because its hard, its because your lazy.

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    Shrug on the 'problem' of being able to repeatedly buy full copies of the game (if someone's putting that much money in, they also have options like RAF which have been around for much longer).

    However, if they start putting such things directly into an in-game store, we'd better be getting ~$2-5 slashed off the monthly sub. It's rather unreasonable to continue adding more and more 'premium' services and expect people to continue paying the same monthly fee as when there weren't even realm transfers.

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    1 free lvl 90 character is already generous enough. Putting an insta-level 90 button on the store wouldn't be the right way to go, man would there be many players who wouldn't know jack about playing their classes, not to mention know how to play the game at all. But then again, that's what LFR is for.

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    Today is level 90
    Tomorrow is Raiding Gear.

    You will see.

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    Hm. Skip old Outland? Yes? Please? Take my money?

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    I loled in real life at the pulls out wallet two please option.

    However if you are gonna create a poll its not a good idea to make the poll biased by making one option sound better than the other. E.g insinuating that people against the idea will go off and have a rage fit.

    So I consider this poll to be null and void.

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    Hope they don't decide that.

    If people want, they should buy more accounts, transfer it to their main account. Basically waste much more money than the feature will ask from them.

    Really don't believe in buying 90 chars as much as you want so if someone really wants that, he should pay extreme amounts for it :P

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    Another one of these threads? Why do you care? You forgot the option in your shit poll that most people don't give a shit who buys what.

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