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Thread: Buying lvl 90's

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    Kinda hate it but I don't really care I guess. It's so easy to get to 90 anymore especially with BoA gear that I don't see this as a major issue. Plus everyone is gonna get a free 90 in the next xpac...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serissa View Post
    And when blizz added mounts to store no one complained if they add pets in a year. But everyone QQed "wahhhhhh tomorow blizz will sell epics". Same shit happens with every store addition.
    Yes people did complain about the addition of pets and mounts.

    This IS a lot different though. Here's what it boils down to. The game IS the grind. Paying to win is skipping the grind.

    You grind older content to get to max level.
    You grind dungeons to get geared for LFR.
    You grind LFR to get geared for Normal.
    You grind Normals to get geared for Heroic.
    Then you grind Heroic some more.

    Look at that list! Is there any one stage that's really VASTLY different from another? It's ALL just the same grind. Grinding for gear is just the same as levelling (just more or less repetitive depending on what you make of levelling).

    If you say it's ok to pay to skip just PART of this grind, at what point can you start saying which parts of grind should you or shouldn't you be able to pay for? If they sold Blues it would just save you a couple of days grinding. If they sold low level epics it would just save you a couple of days doing old LFRs.. nothing important.

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    I don't feel like typing the same response to these threads, so here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Lime View Post
    It's a flat out benefit, I don't understand how people can think otherwise.

    Leveling to 90 will teach you absolutely nothing about the Endgame. Questing is all it is and questing doesn't take skill anyways, it just requires common sense. Even if you can't figure out how to quest, you'll learn it before you hit level 91. It does not teach you how to run Dungeons/BGs/Raids/or Arenas, which is what the Endgame is. Sure, you can run Dungeons and BGs in the leveling period, but lets be honest, most people don't.

    The only reason I'd be against this is if they integrated those Endgames aspects into leveling and by that I mean where you have to learn them. However, this is just the easier approach.

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    P2W - advantage in the game that you can buy only by real money.
    WoW won't be P2W, it already is. You can already buy unmerged accounts and link them to your main to get free 80s.
    "Legally" you can do it with SoR.

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    I am fine with letting people buy level 90's. Some people don't enjoy leveling, and feel that the game starts at endgame, and not before. The game is huge now, and people enjoy different aspects of it. Sounds fair to me letting people focus mostly on the part of it they enjoy, rather than burning themselves out on what is suppose to be a journey, but ends up being a very long and boring obstacle.

    I'll continue doing my leveling on my own though.

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    I think if someone wants to buy a 2nd copy of the game, and then transfer the character to their main account, let them.
    But don't make easy and straight forward like adding it to the store. Make it take some work and not be an easy one off thing.

    Kind of how people would multibox for the RAF bonuses. Possible but not cheap or easy.
    Or maybe have them start at like 70 or 80 if they straight up buy one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Requimortem View Post
    I've known since Wrath of the Lich King that Blizzard was going to allow you to pay to "win" World of Warcraft. It started with the paid "optional" features, took hold with the purchasable transmogrification gear, and now we're going to see every ninny and nincompoop buying their way to the "finish line". Even if I had a money tree growing in my backyard like most people seem to have, I would not touch this feature regardless of my desperation to avoid the repeated tedium of leveling a new character. There's no sense of accomplishment and no way to truly grasp the intricacies of the individual class mechanics. It is nothing more than a testament to Blizzard's hypocrisy and greed.
    Level 90 is in no way the finish line. It's not even the start line (in WoD), it's more like "well, I'm nearly at the stadium" and that really doesn't bother me.

    Also, if you buy full WoW with all expansions + character transfer just to get a level 90, then you're really just wasting your money... Get 1 when you upgrade your account normally? That's cool. Same as when you use Scroll of Ressurection to get an 80 for free (somewhere in between my characters, there's a ressurected 80 roaming wild. Hint - it didn't make it past 80, because the character instantly felt estranged to me, because I pushed it from around 20 to 80 without learning a thing about the class...

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    Don't know why so many people cry about it. Leveling means nothing anymore, especially prior to 90. The only thing that matters will be 90-100.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claymore View Post
    They're charging money to avoid fixing the main issue people have with WoW -- that leveling sucks. They need to address that head-on.
    Leveling doesn't suck if you like it. Also, they are constantly trying to improve the experience of it. Unlucky if what they do don't appeal to you, but maybe next time.

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    What would be the point of going through the trouble to connect low pop realms together and implement CRZs if they're just going to offer a chance to pay to avoid leveling through the zones they've desperately been trying to repopulate this expansion?

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    Its a great option for some who do not enjoy the leveling process. Heck you can technically buy a 90 now from a 3rd party company, this will just make it legitimate and easier.

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    It isn't very hard to get all classes to 90, and you don't necessarily learn much from leveling 1-90 so I really don't see the problem in being able to buy a level 90 character, it might suck for the chinese farmers who would get less to do.

    I don't understand how anyone would have a problem with it, it's good for the people who don't have time to play the game a whole lot, giving them the option to instead pay a little money to get a character ready for the new expansion, or for the hardcore player who wants to reroll to the current fotm class.

    And before anyone quotes me saying "omg theres going to be nubs in lfr and lfd who don't know how to play" etc. It is already like that in-game, right now. So it wouldn't change a lot. If someone doesn't learn their class from 90-100, they wouldn't learn it from 1-100 either.

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    Buying another account and transferring just to have another level 90 makes me laugh even more than the idea of buying the boost. But once again, it's optional and people can spend their money however they choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dahij View Post
    If someone doesn't learn their class from 90-100, they wouldn't learn it from 1-100 either.
    This is really all that had to be said. I agree 100%.

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    All I can say is how bout Blizzard require you to get to level 90 first on a character before you can go "buy" your 90 similar to how you have to get to level 55 in order to get a DK.

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    I have 9 90's as of right now. Me personally would buy a bunch more 90's. It would be a awesome option, say you have friends on multiple servers you want to play with especially for PvP bam make a toon 90 quick grind to 100 and enjoy. I support it and want it do it Blizzard do it!

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    Where's the "who cares, it's old content" option in the poll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bufferunderrun View Post
    let me see you need WOD to have the instant lvl 90 so

    battlechest 15 euro
    Mop 35 euro
    Wod near 50 euro

    100 euro for a free 90 when the boring part of levelling an alt is always the current content so 90-100? no thanks.

    That assuming someone is starting Wow from scratch completely....

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    I would imagine it won't be cheap. I can't say I'd ever do it, as I have a 90 of each class and have no desire for duplicates, but I can certainly see where others would. Though if they did, they'd probably have to disable to option on any new classes they make, lest the QQ get to unbearable levels.

    For instance, when MoP released I used the RAF trick to insta-ding my pandaren monk to 80 right in the middle of Stormwind. Oh my god, the entire server exploded lol. Half the people called me a hacker, some people even apparently reported me, the other half said it was unfair. I didn't get server first monk 90, but I wasn't really trying. I spent too much time in instances trying to learn how to tank :-P But man, hitting 80 a mere hour after the servers were up was just hilarious lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post

    That assuming someone is starting Wow from scratch completely....
    Actually, you can buy battlechest+wotlk+cata for 5$. Not sure if it's a bug or intended.

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