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    Alliance or Horde?

    Simple - what faction is your main character?

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    I main my Orc Shaman and Orc Monk, with my rarely used farming Tauren Druid alt. I use my Human Paladin and Priest solely for PvP with my Alliance friends so I wouldn't exactly say I play both equally, I'm definitely a Horde patriot.

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    my main is a Troll hunter. i do have alliance alts though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maniac2 View Post
    What faction is your main character?
    Alliance, but I do have few lower level Horde alts which I used to play in previous expansion.
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    what the hell is the point of this topic? are you gathering information for some research or what? btw i play all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eonwenian View Post
    what the hell is the point of this topic? are you gathering information for some research or what? btw i play all
    Most of the time these polls are just for fun or out of interest.

    My main was either my worgen warrior or draenei paladin. Played an orc warrior for sometime as main, but not a lot.

    Though since I am coming back from early Cataclysm and the way you can play the two factions on the same realm now, might make me play Alliance and Horde more equally.

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    I play both, but I mained horde because the lore is better.
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    I play horde because female orcs are attractive

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    I play Alliance, though I have a small amount of level 40 or so Horde characters on our guild's horde-side server. But it's just not the same. I started Alliance and it feels like a lie to play Horde.

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    I've played both sides. Both are great so I typically choose both. However when it all comes down to it, I feel like horde are the fan favorites so I go Alliance >

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    4th option - I play both equally, I have two mains. (As if it isn't

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    My main is Alliance because that is the faction I found em on but I am more for the horde.

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    I play alliance, because I don't like to associate with the filth races. (Yes, I am extremely racist in RPGs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eonwenian View Post
    what the hell is the point of this topic? are you gathering information for some research or what? btw i play all
    If there are flying vs no flying, lfr - yes or no, why cant it be ally vs horde poll????

    Im just curious, it feels from posts like majority people on forums playing horde, so wanted to make sure

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    I'm gonna say Alliance this time as the question is what do i "main". I do actively play both. But I do main Alliance and probably split my time between the two factions 66/33.
    My Alliance main is a Dwarf Warrior and my Horde main is a Tauren Warrior although I'm considering maining Paladin to play something different, in which case I will play a Dwarf and a Blood Elf respectively.

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    Horde, but I'm thinking of switching it up. It's been many years.

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    I rotate between maining my Night Elf Priest, my Worgen Druid, and my Draenei Shaman. I have both Alliance and Horde alts. I'd like to get more into the Horde again, though. I've mained Horde before.
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    I swear we have this poll daily.

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    I'm honestly kind of shocked by the poll results right now. I figured with the larger population of Horde on most servers, there would be more on the forums.

    My main is currently Horde but I have characters on both factions.

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    Lok'tar ogar! FOR THE HORDE!

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