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    Someone started in Cataclysm...

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    The number of levels is the only thing you read it seems, and not any of the changes to questing in those zones.
    As usual someone who can see only what they want to see, and is wilfully ignorant of the rest.

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    I'm afraid I can't agree with you, OP. I find questing and leveling far more satisfying than making a b-line to endgame right after release, only to end up complaining that it's too repetitive and that there's nothing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wycked View Post
    Having to do 5 levels is a nightmare, 8 hours of life wasted every time. No1 cares about the quest chains, no1 needs 16 hours of practice learning how to use the new talents/whatever. Jesus, this is gonna be horrible...double the grinding time for 1 new tier of skills.
    You should probably read some more. They said that it won't be a grind, but that it'll be fun and fast.

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    MoP was easily the worst expansion leveling grind so far. I think they learned their lesson.

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    yea no1 needs to learn how to play..cause when they introduced the free 85s or 90s or whatever it was everyone was sooooooooo good on the random class they have had never touched.

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    I will actually just sub to do the quests and explore then stop playing again.

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    People like you are the reason for the many stupid complaints. Maybe there are people who like leveling and seeing the world not just raid this, raid that. You finish whole content in a few days without sleep, and then come and cry that there is nothing to do in wow.

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    All I can hope for is that 90-91 ISNT 93.4mil exp
    Shath'mag vwyq shu et'agthu, Shath'mag sshk ye! Krz'ek fhn'z agash zz maqdahl or'kaaxth'ma amqa!

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    Forums really need to start coming with warning labels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by varren View Post
    MoP was easily the worst expansion leveling grind so far. I think they learned their lesson.
    . . . . what?

    OT, if you find leveling torturous you probably shouldn't play rpgs. Hell, eve fps games added similar progression systems because people enjoy them so much.

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