View Poll Results: What do you think about the new Gnome model for female and male?

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    103 71.03%
  • I think they are good.

    31 21.38%
  • I think they are bad.

    3 2.07%
  • I don't like Gnomes from before..

    4 2.76%
  • I don't know..

    4 2.76%
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    Don't like female at all. It looks like a cartoon, not serious at all. I hope the other face options look nothing like this one. Male looks ok I guess.

    Honestly I'm not too crazy about the whole new models thing at all. Mostly because I don't want the defining facial features to change, which seems pretty much inevitable. I will want my characters to look just as pretty/awesome as they currently do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prancing Minstrel View Post
    Not much difference in the male model. I actually had to check it was the after shot rather than before.
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    I love the new models. Side note: I knew that gnomes only had 4 fingers, but I didn't know that they have 5 toes. Which is weird

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