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    Id say it's a good thing. I don't play WoW currently but I may come back (as I usually do at the start of an xpac) but I did used to tank and got through Normal modes through SoO. The one really annoying thing I always found was the start of the next raid was just annoying. I gained barely anymore avoidance for it to make a difference (say, 25% to 28%) and it still was me using active mitigations for major boss mechanics.

    Making people use their abilities (like H Paladins with their Bulwark, DK's using their shields correctly, etc etc) is what made tanking fun. Not me going "LOL AVOIDANCE CAP" in Cata.

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    crushing blows called, wanted to know if blizz needed them again.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodforsilence View Post
    crushing blows called, wanted to know if blizz needed them again.......

    I'm kind of glad I don't need to explain that to dungeon tanks anymore. "wtf healer why you let me die." Links Recount/skada death log, "Becuase you aren't crit capped, can't heal you when you take 3x your health in 0.5 seconds cuz you got crit by 4 mobs."

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkthunder View Post
    Does this mean World of Warcraft is getting less complicated (or heaven forbid, easy mode?!?) ? Possibly. Instead of going through spreadsheet and elitist (jerk) forums, you get to actually enjoy the game for what it is.
    Ironically, I think this is the motivation for most of the changes were seeing to pre-existing mechanics (such as removal of DoT snap-shotting). Something being complicated and requiring excessive theorycrafting/spreadsheets to be considered a decent player isn't synonymous to being fun. Well, I'm sure for some people it is, but it's likely not the case for the majority of players.

    As has been mentioned, I'm 99.98% sure avoidance will still exist in the game, and we just won't see it avoidance stats on gear anymore... not to be confused with the potentially new Avoidance stat, if I'm not mistaken. While avoidance as a gear stat probably isn't very successful, actual avoidance while actively tanking keeps an encounter from being literally predictable. There's a tangible difference if you need to react to an attack hitting or missing versus knowing that everything will connect. Besides, tanks not avoiding anything would be just weird as a concept.

    I'm honestly glad Armor should come to the forefront in terms of a defensive stat for tanks once again. For Guardians, it's always been something we'd pay attention to or generally rely upon to some extent, but Armor as a concept should likely be a huge factor for tanks regardless of class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silus View Post
    They should bring back Defense rating imo. Tanks in Wrath felt a lot more like tanks than the ones we have today. Todays tanks feel squishy no matter what gear they are in they take immense damage compared to wrath.
    You aren't playing with decent tanks then.
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    So I guess nobody interpreted the change correctly.

    Dodge as a stat is gone. Dodge as part of the combat table still exists for players (at least in PvE). Plus you can still get "avoidance" as a tertiary stat.

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    Dodge and Parry rating is being completly removed, as a stat on gear.

    Chances are, all of the 5 tanking specs will have a set amount of baseline dodge/parry- druids, 20%, warriors/paladins/DKs, 30%, an monks, 40%.

    Various Active Mitigation abilities that increase dodge/parry chance will continue to do so- Savage Defense will most likely increase dodge chance, shuffle/elusive brew will still give 50% total, and DRW will still give 20% increased parry chance.

    For stats, it seems that theres a chance that a gear will have only 1 of haste/crit/mastery, and will have additional armor instead. Since armor is literally the best tanking stat for physical damage, that will be a decent change.
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    Sounds like a return to more WotLK style tanking. Back then you'd completely ignore dodge/parry and stack stamina and bonus armor. I personally liked it, as it was less random and you always had a pretty good idea of how many more hits you could take, but YMMV.
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    mechanics will be most likely be made for tanks to gain def stats from gear stats

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    Avoidance as a stat looked to be merely a reduction in AE damage, this I would think would be a very situational stat to really look for on gear. As I read it, the gear will no longer have dodge and parry. We as tanks will still have these statistics as part of our on use abilities or cooked into our defensive stances.

    The point of confusion and I get it is that Hit and Expertise are leaving the game entirely. Which is where some are crossing the message and thinking they meant that dodge and parry are also leaving the game entirely.

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    The ability isn't being removed, it being on armor is.

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