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    Damage remaining to absorb with weakauras

    Firstly, do you need to be a lua wizard to use weakauras? All searches on google netted me nothing I could understand. They were just a huge wall of text with lua talk which I know nothing about.

    With that said, and I don't need to be a lua wizard, is there a way to display the remaining damage that can be absorbed with your spells? Mainly Ice Barrier and Shield Barrier.

    One of the warriors on the warrior forum who solos a lot of stuff has a really nice tracking display of Shield Barrier, which shows the icon and within the icon it shows how much damage is left to be absorbed (or something along those lines, it might be a bar that goes down, getting smaller with less damage that can be absorbed.

    I read saying you gotta tick Use Full Scan and Use tooltip "size" instead of stacks - but this doesn't even make my icon show up at all.

    Any help being thrown out will be appreciated, sorry if this topic has been brought up a lot.

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    Weakauras can do a lot without any Lua knowledge. It's only when you want to do stuff that isn't already simplified by pre-made Triggers that you need to go there.

    I don't think it has absorb info pre-made, though.

    Since the API provides general absorb information now, it's relatively simple to get the total absorb remaining from all buffs. Is that what you want? It's a little more work to get the amount from a specific ability, but still not too bad.

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    I'm going to assume you just want a way to show your total absorb remaining (and don't really care what ability it is from).

    Make a text WeakAura, under Display -> Display Text -> type %c and press accept.

    Update Custom Text On... -> Trigger Update
    Expand Text Editor under Custom Function and add the following code:
        local absorb = UnitGetTotalAbsorbs("player")
        if absorb == 0 then
            absorb = ""
    Go to the Trigger page next and do the following:
    Type -> Custom
    Event Type -> Event

    Custom Trigger expand this and add the following code:
        return true
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    If you want the absorb shown for one ability just do it like this:

    In the "Trigger"-options

    [v]Use Full Scan (High Cpu)
    [v]Aura Name Is Exactly: "Ice Barrier"
    [v]Unit: Player
    [v]Aura Type: Buff
    [v]Use tooltip "size" instead of stacks

    In the display option you have to type %s in the textfield (and tick cooldown if you want to see the remaining time too)

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