View Poll Results: Do you think Warlords of Draenor is worth your money?

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  • No i dont think so. I quit in cata.

    24 3.32%
  • No i dont think so. I quit before cata.

    3 0.42%
  • No i dont think so. I am quiting in this expansion.

    33 4.57%
  • Yes i play till vanila and i never stoped my sub. I will buy it.

    435 60.25%
  • I did play vanila but i did skip and expansion or 2. So i will buy it.

    139 19.25%
  • I fell betrayed and i will stop supporting this game for good.

    12 1.66%
  • I will quit and try a new game.

    7 0.97%
  • Something else.

    69 9.56%
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    This is an asinine poll and, judging from the results, you're part of a minority that took the preliminary information, made a snap judgment, and are now bitching for bitching's sake. Players have practically been BEGGING Blizzard to update the models since the Worgen and Goblin models were previewed prior to the release of Cataclysm and the demand grew considerably after seeing how fluid and expressive the Pandaren models were in Mists. Calling Blizzard's long-overdue delivery on its promise to update the outdated models a "cash grab" just reeks of cluelessness and speaks to the fact that you're completely out of touch with the very community you think your opinion speaks for.

    From a lore perspective, I'm very much looking forward to Warlords of Draenor and the opportunity to revisit Draenor's history from an alternative perspective. Where most see a ridiculous time-travel deus-ex-machina, I see an intriguing "what if" scenario. We're essentially being set up to relive Warcraft I and II from an MMO standpoint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulqiorra View Post
    If you equate playing WoW to having electricity, I feel very, very happy for the rest of the world, as that kind of thinking will, inevitably, lead to the eradication of your seed from the gene pool.
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    I started to play during Karazan which was brought out during The Burning Crusade. I've been playing ever since. Didn't skip any of the expansions, and I have been raiding since then as well. (Seriously you cannot tell me what to do. I will post in this thread because I can) I even voted. You might of wanted to think through the reasoning there man. It sounds so scatterbrained for the poll.

    But There's all sorts of people who started during TBC, Wrath, Cata, and even MOP. Doesnt make them any worse than anyone else.

    I'm excited for the 5th Expansion of World of Warcraft. Warlords of Draenor looks kick ass and it took them THIS LONG to introduce housing. They blew my mind with Garrisons. Although Who knows how much of this stuff they will keep through out their planning and scripting, and animating for this game. Some will be scrapped, some will stay. I love the fact that most characters that have looked half ass modeled and rigged are getting a decent remodel. It will make the game look good.

    And *sigh* dont use aqua color on this background it does not look good and it makes it hard to see.

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    Quit a week or two after mop release, my guild was too slow with getting started with raiding so I got bored.

    The next expasion seem kinda cool tbh. But I would've prefered a legion-based expansion.

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    If they weren't relegating me to derp mode normal raiding and calling it "heroic" I'd be very excited about WoD. As it is, my guild is a 10 man semi-casual heroic raiding guild. Sound weird? I can explain: About 50-75% of the raiders also raid in other guilds and clear 8+/14 heroic and are working on progression. But my guild just killed Garrosh for the second time last night. We'll probably get our first two heroic kills next week. So we're nothing like progressed or in the progression race or anything.

    But...if this were WOD and we hadn't made the jump to 20 man, we'd be at the end of our content. We'd be farming for gear for nothing really. Why get normal gear if you can't then get heroic gear?

    Maybe it'll work out. Maybe. If not though... raiding's really the cornerstone of why I play. Without satisfying raiding... meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    Inset grammatical abomination here.
    I'm an vanilla player, and I like what they have shown for WoD so far

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    Ive had breaks... had a 6 month break but still kept paying my sub.. part of the reason is my names...
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    I plan on coming back after being gone for 2 years just cause of this expansion, I quit in Firelands and never looked back for MoP.

    I plan on returning sometime about 2-3 months before WoD to catch up on what I missed in MoP, but also to prevent myself from burning out on content quickly. A lot to look forward too it seems.

    WoW has been on a decline, but if Blizzard pulls this expansion off it might be just what it needs to revitalize itself to keep going, and to get a good amount of subscriber's/veterans back.
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    ive played since vanilla (actually since the tri-horde push in the vanilla beta) and while ive gone through varying phases of how much i play, i have never played infrequently enough to have considered "quit"

    while im not 100% behind all of the changes or additions, i think the expansion overall looks amazing. definitely the most excited i have been for an expansion since Wrath.

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    There is no option for vanilla player playing some months each expansion and then not playing until next expansion =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Well the *sheep* players dont care how betrayed us vannila players fell. To them everything fells new, to us its just a sh**** reharsh. I MEAN COMMON--- OUTLAND AGAIN?????? What the hell they were thinking? To me it fells like they are not even trying any more and just milking the money.
    > implying all vanilla players feel betrayed

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    I started paying 2 months b4 BC (still vanilla, idc how short a time frame it was). I've had my account active ever seance then and never once missed a payment. I've bought nearly all the expansions within the first week of launch. The game has changed constantly be it good or bad. I've made countless close relationships because of this game and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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    If you don't like it, don't buy it. I for one am totally fucking excited, and will be in line at Midnight on release like always.

    I've played since Feb. 2005 and my body is just as ready.

    Honestly, this OP just makes you seem whiny and unsure, or attention seeking. People need to find other outlets for their angst.

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    Played since Vanilla (duh), but more or less ended up skipping TBC. Looking forward to WoD A LOT.

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    I've been playing since Vanilla as well and I will certainly be buying this one. I feel like this game is changing and evolving for the better. They're focusing more on the end game which I feel is a very good move. Leveling is an important part of any MMORPG... but after 9 years there's so much grinding to do and it just isn't enjoyable to me. I remember in Vanilla every level was an achievement (recently started playing a private server so no rose colored glasses here) and I actually liked getting new spell ranks. The end game wasn't nearly as polished as it is now. No BGs for a while, raids were hard only because of very strict things such as missing a heal by .2 seconds on Patchwerk or not grinding enough resist gear was insta death, etc. But leveling is something you could really get into and enjoy.
    In today's game, the max level content is what the devs focus on. The talent trees are a good example of this. The reason they were unhappy with the old system is that it was great for leveling... but was very bland at max level. When you leveled, a new talent was an exciting new addition to your spells every level which felt great! But in the end game you were forced into cookie cutter builds with literally zero choice ever. Even between fight to fight. Now you can change talents on the fly and switch em up depending on the situation you face at max level. There is so much to do now at max level in this expansion and if they hold true to the promise of making the world a giant Timeless Isle then I will be infinitely happy. Imagine if Pandaria was a huge world full of cool dynamic events, interesting treasure to find, and neat places to explore? It would take a while to get bored of something like that (unlike how the timeless isle gets dull as soon as you run out of alts to farm for gear and see all the stuff) of that size and magnitude and with the usual raiding, pvp, and dungeons all on top of the new Garrisons well... I would say most players won't get to experience what the world hopefully has to offer in the entire year or so long expansion.

    TL;DR FUCK YEAH WoD! I'm excited!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pippen1001 View Post
    There is no option for vanilla player playing some months each expansion and then not playing until next expansion =(
    You have a something else option. I cant read a mind of every player what they want in a poll.

    Also makes me wonder how many people are lying in this tread that they were playing since vanila. I know a few good tests for that.
    And i have seen a lot of people saying... stop talking that vanila was great bla bla bla stuff. It was great for the tehnology at that time.
    Belive me...i realy miss 40 man raids .

    But it seems like blizzard is just lending everything new from other mmo games (like it did before at the start of the game). And then they say they invented it....get it?
    If any1 thinks that stuff they are adding is new.....well i recomend you to check new games.
    Housing for example:

    Blizzard just seems to do things in worse quality (outdated engine tho, but thats not a very good excuse).

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    I've continually subbed bar a brief break during mid-classic.

    I'll be buying the expansion and giving it a chance, during the blizzcon reveals I was hyped over everything until they announced 10mans were being shot in the head. Worried about a few things like removing DOT snapshots / the gear reworks etc, but I'll try it before I slate it. If my 10man guild can't hit 20 and dies or warlocks are made even worse, the MOP revamp was bad enough, I might finally quit. If those don't happen though, it looks like it might be the best expansion yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    But it seems like blizzard is just lending everything new from other mmo games (like it did before at the start of the game). And then they say they invented it....get it?
    They've always done that, it's why WoW has always remained more polished than newer games.
    If someone does something good that they think will improve WoW, they'll add their own version of it, that + how polished WoW is usually means it ends up being a better product overall than the new game that hasn't had years of polish / work / time to add or take features.

    I don't get how that's a bad thing, it helps improve the game.

    That's how the world works. If someone invents an electric train, you don't continue to feed your train coal if it looks like switching power source would improve it just because someone else did it first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    Well the *sheep* players dont care how betrayed us vannila players fell. To them everything fells new, to us its just a sh**** reharsh. I MEAN COMMON--- OUTLAND AGAIN?????? What the hell they were thinking?
    I am a Vanilla player. I am thrilled to be returning to Outland (so to speak) and that whole story and world. TBC was my favourite time in WoW - both as far as the game went and socially as well. But Draenor brings lots of new stuff that was inconceivable back in those days. I'm cautiously optimistic.

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    Worth it to me, and my wife. My entire guild is pretty excited about it as well, though I can't tell you how many were vanilla subs, like myself.

    It seems that bliz is now trying to completely blend all aspects of the game between complete accessibility, combined with very limited amounts of exclusive hardcore content (new pvp ladder, mythic raiding). I'm all for it.

    I started playing the game when I was 23, I'm now 30. In my guild we have people that are in their 20s and people that are in their 60s and most don't want to sink 20-30+ hours a week into mandatory activities in a game anymore. They just want to log on and have a couple of hours of fun a few days a week, with people they know.

    That seems what bliz is pushing for in the new expansion to me.
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    Wheres the option for "i quit because i have played the game for nearly a DECADE and have had countless hours of fun, but sadly i have now moved on and don't find that much enjoyment anymore"


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    i took a few months break in early wrath / cata. so i picked "never stopped subbing"

    really looking forward to this, i've been hoping for player housing since early bc tho, so it might be just the Garrison hype getting to me.
    will buy and try, and make up my mind as i go.

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