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  • No i dont think so. I quit in cata.

    24 3.32%
  • No i dont think so. I quit before cata.

    3 0.42%
  • No i dont think so. I am quiting in this expansion.

    33 4.57%
  • Yes i play till vanila and i never stoped my sub. I will buy it.

    435 60.25%
  • I did play vanila but i did skip and expansion or 2. So i will buy it.

    139 19.25%
  • I fell betrayed and i will stop supporting this game for good.

    12 1.66%
  • I will quit and try a new game.

    7 0.97%
  • Something else.

    69 9.56%
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    I play on and off. I'll probably play WoD, don't know for how long, but I'll probably take another break before it comes out.

    Just hope they update Blood Elves, soon after release.

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    oh, man, this was really painful to read.
    i get that english is not your first language, but ask for help if you need help

    Also, i will post in any thread i want to.

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    VOted Something else.

    I played all expansions, but stoped around 4.3 and resubed like 1,5months ago..
    And I *will* be buying WoD. It's mainly about orcs. I love orcs since Warcraft 1. My main is orc warrior since Vanilla. I rerolled him 3 times (1x USA, 2x EU).

    Need I say more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffler View Post
    Wheres the option for "i quit because i have played the game for nearly a DECADE and have had countless hours of fun, but sadly i have now moved on and don't find that much enjoyment anymore"

    Quote Originally Posted by Puffler
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    Oh man...I don't even know where to begin. What is this "moneygrab" thing? You get info about the x-pac months in advance. You will get info from the PTR. If you don't like what you see, don't buy it. It si not like everything is shrouded in secrecy and you buy the cat in the bag.

    And why the f... can only Classic players have an opinion?

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    I have played every warcraft game made, I have played WoW since 2 months after release - Jan 2005

    Loved Vanilla, Loved TBC, Wrath I put a LOT of time into and enjoyed, Cata I found mostly boring from the beginning, Mists I found interesting and quite enjoyable, WoD so far looks like it may just keep me attached to WoW for another couple years

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    Played pretty much every patch since towards the end of vanilla with plenty of breaks during Cata and MoP. I'll buy WoD and i'll almost certainly enjoy it. But i'll unsub as soon as i run through any new content.

    I like the lore and the whole time/dimension travel thing doesnt sit well with me but its not a deal breaker. Couldnt care less about new models but the garrison looks pretty cool I just hope there are some real choices and options other than just a series of features to tick off one by one.

    I've come to re-evaluate my view on mmos in recent months/years, they are no longer worlds to live in and explore but are now just regular video games you happen to play with other people. I love my wow guild, some of the best people i have ever met online. We are a casual normal mode raiding guild that dabbles in heroic modes to some extent or another depending on patch length and our current roster. We've almost always had people online at almost any time of the day but these days most people only log on for raid times and anyone online at other times of the day are generally afk. Its like that in pretty much every mmo i've played after first few months after launch. MMOs these days are just not the social games they used to be and I for one, find it sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    Ok as you may know the new expansion is coming out soon. Do you think its worth our money or its just another moneygrab?
    Warcraft 2 was my first game of the franchise (I later played Warcraft 1 as well so I didn't miss out on anything) so this expansion is perfect for me. Getting to see these Orc heroes (or rockstars as Metzen calls them ) of old is simply awesome, it's my favorite era of Warcraft history. The setting, the lore and the characters, it's all perfect.

    I didn't like Mists of Pandaria that much because the setting, the characters and the lore are all so disconnected and boring. The only thing that I liked about Mists was the improvements in gameplay, so I'm happy to see that continued in WoD. Yeah, it's mostly the lore that does it for me, and WoD has it all.

    Since Warcraft 2 is my favorite game in the franchise and since I'm a Horde player, I finally get to see these heroes up close. My only fear is being forced to kill them all, I just don't want that. I hope for a compelling story and beating some sense into the Iron Horde in patch 6.0 and probably 6.1 as well, and then Gul'dan brings in the Burning Legion and we have to team up with the remnants of the Iron Horde and the surviving Draenei. If this is the case then it would be the best expansion ever imo. And maybe it will even be better than Vanilla.

    Also, TBC wasn't my favorite expansion. Actually, I'd rate it just in front of Mists.

    My ranking:
    Vanilla > Wrath > Cataclysm* > TBC > Mists.

    *Cataclysm in front of TBC because of Twilight's Hammer and Deathwing, they're also favorites of mine since Warcraft 2. Also Cataclysm was more casual friendly than TBC.

    But Draenor and the many Orc clans surely beats anything. It might even beat Vanilla honestly. Outland is lame compared to Draenor. Yeah, I'm excited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asthreon View Post
    I have played every warcraft game made, I have played WoW since 2 months after release - Jan 2005

    Loved Vanilla, Loved TBC, Wrath I put a LOT of time into and enjoyed, Cata I found mostly boring from the beginning, Mists I found interesting and quite enjoyable, WoD so far looks like it may just keep me attached to WoW for another couple years
    After seeing Cataclysm turn out such a disappointment and having so much content cut, and Mists of Pandaria being a boring expansion (imo) I thought it was becoming time to give up on the Warcraft franchise. But WoD is even more than I could hope for. I mean, anything would be better than Mists of Pandaria, so I was prepared to be pleasantly surprised... but I didn't expect this. This is basically going back to my favorite part of Warcraft history, but this time with a twist. I don't think I have much of a choice wether to resubscribe or not, this is the perfect expansion for me. (let's just hope we don't kill off all the Warlords though, please Blizzard!)

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    I voted something else because I'm not entirely sure yet if I should buy it. I probably will buy it nonetheless but the only expansion I didn't buy on launch day was MoP, so I'm not that much into WoW anymore... Like most of us are now It's sad but what do you expect from an almost 9 year old game?

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    I'm playing since 2006 and i love the Idea of WoD. I will not decide to stop playing before i have seen what the game will bring. I have made some pauses in the past and i propbably will make some in the future but i really like WoD for what it may become so lets see
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    I can't even understand the OP, but I'm guessing it has to do with the next expansion. I've played since vanilla and have only taken a few small breaks, and will definately buy the next expansion the day it comes out.

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    Played since vanilla, but also bought TBC even though i hated it. I'm not sure if I'm going to like this expansion, but I will still but it simply to level through and at least give it a chance. Maybe i quit within a month, maybe I 'll continue, no clue yet.
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    "do a very bad bosses (and i mean very bad made compared to old ones) over and over and over, not to say that grid charms to even have a chance on loot"
    Are you insane? This statement discredits you as a vanilla player. The vanilla bosses had 1-2 mechanics AT MOST. The game was HORRIBLE during vanilla,full stop. And i cannot stress enough that you say you want the vanilla feel but you complain about grinding charms, all you had to do in vanilla was grinding, nothing else. Also i never grinded charms and have like 700+ of them just by doing timeless isle quests. I am just speechless.

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    I wasn't excited for cata or MoP (actually was regretting when they'd come out) but this is the first XP in a long time that I'm super super hyped for. Loving these changes a LOT.

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    Don't make your own forum rules. It's a good way to get infracted. Everyone should be able to participate in the forums.

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    I started like halfway through 2005 & MOP was actually the first time I dropped my Sub (For about 5 months between 5.3 & 5.4). I think after so many years you start to just naturally get disinterested.

    Like TBH I don't like the look of WoD very much at all. Orc focused expansion after 2 Orc heavy expansions? No thanks. More confusing Time Travel/Parallel Universe stuff? Ugh. Garrosh escaping IMMEDIATELY (Like fuck, I expected them to do something with him, but not as the main fucking start to the next expansion). Garrisons? Eh. 7 God Damn dungeons (I really thought it wouldn't get worse then MOP), still rehashing Dungeons??

    I fucking love the Item Squish, I fucking love the New Models... But that stuff isn't specific to WoD, everyone will get that. I think just about the only exciting parts in WoD is the Raid Changes (I think the way the Tiers are going to work is MUCH better), the fact that we get to see Outland in its original state, which as a TBC fanboy is a huge deal for me & Jason Hayes is back = INCREDIBLE.

    So I'll be buying the Expansion, but unless the raids are interesting enough to suck me in completely back into the raiding scene, I will probably just level a few characters to fully explore the land & then un-sub until whenever the game looks interesting to come back again.

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    The mythic raiding will be a make or break for me... I have moved on as I got older and can only really commit to the 4 horus we do a week now. As it is we will clear the "heroic" WOD content and then not be able to go to mythic and that would leave weeks / months of nothign to do but clear "heroic" and hten have time twiddelign thumbs. I really don't want to move to a 20 an setup and just not sure the expansion will be worth the $$

    probably move on to a more competitive softball league in the summer and more competitive cosom hockey league in the winter to sub in for my raid night. Been subed since week 1 of vanilla did the 40 and 25 man hardcore raiding but have been loving the competitive but more casual aproach to raiding 10 man has permited our small group. This I fear will kill it and thus kill the game for myself.

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    I've played since vanilla and haven't stopped. I will buy it but I'm not happy about it. I really feel like they could have done better. This is merely for a lore and "am I excited" kind of way. I feel the lore is a bit weak for how all this works(Random bronze dragon gaining the ability to create and merge alternate universes as the basis for the whole xpac seems a bit weak).

    I also really don't like a main boss I can't get behind. Illidan, Arthas, Kel'thuzad, KJ and Deathwing were all supreme badasses who did tons of crazy shit and were amazingly strong. The Warlords are just strong orcs... They are more or less General Nazgrim. Orcs who are well trained and seasoned in battle. They aren't even drinking demon blood to become strong anymore, they are just plain old orcs... MoP had the same issue for me for majority of it. Random mogu/mantid people I don't know? Cool I guess... Garrosh/Y'shaarj were kind of okay but that was even a bit iffy cause Garrosh's story was pretty crap imo.

    They still have HUGE lore figures and places that people would love to fight. Sarg, Azshara, N'zoth, anything Emerald Dream and anything Titans have all been thought after and wondered about and desired for YEARS. They forgo all that for this expansion is just a bit, meh in my eyes at this stage.

    It just feels like a glorified patch as nothing in it is "that" feature that every expansion has. The only expansion worthy feature garrisons and that alone isn't enough imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post

    Ok as you may know the new expansion is coming out soon. Do you think its worth our money or its just another moneygrab?

    So far i have only seen changes to worse and a huge moneygrab (i look at you new models). The expansion fells to me like it was made from same guy who was in the toilet and got the idea for eye of storm battleground.
    But let me tell you that i pretty much never quit any new wow patch. I was subbed to wow like 95% of the time. The only time i stoped my sub is when cata got delayed for pandaria. Yeh that raid was not worth the money......

    But no more! I just got sick of that. I have given blizzard a chance to make a game better, but every patch is just geting worse. (its killing guilds and community)
    Raids are total meh..... (kill adds 98%), the time spend to get 1 item (or mount or title) is increased by a little too much, the legendary prince quest was a total s*** and i was expecting a burning legion expansion when i have seen a planet geting assaulted (on legendary chain).

    Vanila, tbc and woltk were great (ok not the toc.. but icc was great), cata was a total meh and reharsh (killing this damn dragon for 2nd time) not to say they cut out a lot of stuff that would be great (that undeadwater raid). But pandaria...was a total waste of time for me...... i realy dont know why i was keeping to play it over the all patches (ok maybe because of guild..but not even that any more, its dying). Do that daily for 30 days, collect 6000 valors, do a very bad bosses (and i mean very bad made compared to old ones) over and over and over, not to say that grid charms to even have a chance on loot. (i end up with 3500 of them)

    Well the *sheep* players dont care how betrayed us vannila players fell. To them everything fells new, to us its just a sh**** reharsh. I MEAN COMMON--- OUTLAND AGAIN?????? What the hell they were thinking? To me it fells like they are not even trying any more and just milking the money.
    Lore makes zero sense. Burdens of shaohao was a total....meh. (he turns into some light fog something)
    And this is one the reasons i am quiting wow as soon as my sub runs out. (planing to make something for the end) FOR GOOD!
    ....and i will start fresh in another mmo that is coming soon. (get the soon joke?)

    Hm you are maybe asking yourself, why didnt you name it a big whine tread. Well the deal is...i want too see how you fell too.
    Please keep out the blizzcon if you can. (we got other treads for that)

    Poll coing up soon.
    Paying since vanilla. Sub has never lapsed.. no reason for it to lapse now.

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    I have been playing since release and very much look forward to this expansion and any that follow it.

    I don't have blinders on and don't think blizz can do no wrong, but I do feel the game has evolved and continues to do so in an engaging way.

    I raid a couple nights a week with a close knit group which has been at it for a while. The game is as good as it ever has been and, while i have quit a couple times in the past for various reasons, I've always come back.

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