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    Every year I expect it to get better and better, and this year just wasn't up to the year when MoP was announced. Was it bad? Definitely not at all. Did it meet my expectations? No.

    Besides, I don't care for Hearthstone - AT ALL - so that's something they spent a lot of time on that did nothing for me (but of course that's more of a my problem than a their problem).
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    I think the problem is if you look at it as "WoWcon".

    As a Blizzard Convention, there was so much to it.

    Watched a fair amount on VT and other bits on MMOC.

    Not sure what more I could have expected

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    It exceeded my expectations.
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    I am ultra happy with Heroes of the Storm and Diablo III expansion.

    The rest?

    I am totally, even more than in case of Pandas, dissappointed with WoW news, SC2 news, Hearthstone news (I totally dislike this new tauren guitarist card, not my sense of humour, I have more "lols" with Acolyte of Pain and his "Let the pain speak to me").

    Blizzcon wasn't worth it. It delivered less than I was expecting. 2 mega cool games vs 3 dissappointments, of which one is huge.
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    It's just about what I expected to see.

    Was it amazing? No, but I saw it as adequate.

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    Well I've been waiting for two years for some infomation on Project Titan, so I'm pretty dissapointed.

    Also WoD looks pretty crap, so no points there.

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    I hoped they would address issues of MoP people complained about.

    They did nothing.
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    Did not really live up to my expectations, i wanted at least one new race or class, hoped for 2-3 new races tho.
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    Their new hero wars game was unimpressive, I've been playing Hero Wars types maps since 2002 when WC3 came out, so it didn't really mean anything to me.

    No SC2 info except that the expansion is nowhere near finished.

    Hearthstone: will get more cards in expansion...who would've thought?

    D3 ROS: knew most of the things about it for months through websites datamining.

    WoW: WOD, was pleasantly surprised, but any lack of world PVP innovation like city sieges or naval combat made it feel a bit lackluster. Was told that if the new models' overall facial appearance don't match my current models' I could suck it up and cough up 15$ x my number of characters. Ouch. Didn't hear anything about future panda lore though, so that's a plus.

    Overall, underwhelming.

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    No class panel completely disappointed me. For the people who were like "oh well they aren't changing classes that much," that's total crap because this was the first blizzcon without a class panel, and a class panel would have been way way more useful than a 1 hour demonstration of a pre-beta heroes of the storm - on the panels stage. :/

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    Most of you fail to realize Blizzcon is about more than just WoW.

    Two new games.
    Two expansions
    More info on the movie.

    That's more than any other Blizzcon has ever had to offer.

    So stop being pretentious elitist douches and relax a bit.

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    WoD expansion announcement was very poor.

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    Most of you fail to realize Blizzcon is about more than just WoW.
    And Bank of America is about more than just banking.

    Don't be silly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trakanonn View Post
    WoD expansion announcement was very poor.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And Bank of America is about more than just banking.

    Don't be silly.
    You're a fucking idiot.

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    I went to Blizzcon. It was pretty decent, but holy shit why did so many people SMELL so bad?! Even when I wasn't standing in a room full of people, it was like passerby's hadn't showered for a month.


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    2011 was more exciting(3 fully rendered cinematics for three new games). Better contests, etc.

    But this wasn't as bad as 2010 when there was basically nothing to announce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flutterguy View Post
    2011 was more exciting(3 fully rendered cinematics for three new games).
    Black Soulstone and Heart of the Swarm, but what was the third?

    Mists of Pandaria cinematic wasn't unveiled until August 2012.

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    I think it was a bit underwelming. I was expection more information.

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    As a person who bought Virtual Ticket, it's amazing...I had three screens up and I was constantly flicking around, I don't want to miss anything, all the esports, invitationals are amazing. Starcraft 2 have me clenching my seats, cheered when Skill-capped finally grabbed the victory, facepalmed so hard when *cough* someone missed a lethal in Hearthstone much energy and excitement from the fans I can feel it from all across the pacific ocean.

    For WoW, I am really really excited about all the rubbish stats being gone as well as dynamic stats on main armor pieces. Have to admit the lore confuses me, but folks at reddit cleared it up for me . Not too worried about mythic mode, since I have been around for a while, moving guilds and/or recruiting has never been a problem for me. Good time to steal a couple more RL friends with the free 90.

    Diablo 3 still feels kinda underwhelming, there's not really that much excitement coming from the crowd, Blizzard has a lot more work here to win back the players. We'll see.

    Dustin Browder seems really excited about HoTS, I feel comfortable with him at the helms of development, since they did a pretty good job with SC2.

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    Heroes of the storm, WoD (only a few details, making it even better) and the arena tournament (I enjoy watching arena tournaments sup!)

    Just a pity for Titan, I guess we'll hear a word or two about it the next year if there's a Blizzcon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shefu View Post
    Honestly my main interested in Blizzcon was the new WoW expansion, and while I am excited about some aspects of WoD, I think overall they didn't offer as many details as they have in the past with Cataclysm and MoP.

    Second of all, the Warcraft movie. The had an hour panel in which all they mentioned were 4 locations and 2 characters. They start shooting in 2 months yet they didn't mention any actors. The information they disclosed was abysmal, and the fact that they displayed a teaser at ComicCon but nothing at Blizzcon was mindboggling.

    No mention whatsoever about Project Titan.

    They did go into details about the D3 expansion, they talked about Heroes of the Storm which was awesome. But for a WoW fan, I think this Blizzcon left us wanting more.
    This guy nailed it. Can't believe they had an HOUR on the movie (half the length of the eventual actual feature film), and basically said nothing. Not including the ComicCon teaser was... mindboggling was the perfect word.

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