This Blizzcon just felt like it was lacking substance. There was no new SCII stuff so that could have been part of why it felt like there was a lack of panels. I had hoped for at least some teaser on the next SCII expansion or philosophy to prime us for next year and instead we got nothing. The info on the WoW expansion was lacking compared to previous panels or at least in information I was interested in hearing. The DIII panel was IMO better this year than prior and the team had more energy. With WoW and heroes there just felt like there was too much philosophical beating around the bush resulting in my loss of attention and turning to watching the SCII tournament. Heroes seems still too far out which lead to really not much technical stuff being talked about with it largely repeating things talked about two years ago. The only panel that really justified the beating around the bush was the movie and well that is how movies are and you really want to reduce spoilers for such even when they are based on a book or known lore.