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    Heroes of the Storm Streams and Videos

    Please use this thread to post Heroes-related streams, gameplay videos, news videos or anything of the sort! Doing this outside of the Heroes forum is not allowed and will be redirected here.


    1. Do not beg for likes, follows, etc.

    2. Don't trash anyone else's streams/videos.

    3. No stream contests, etc.
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    Heroes of the Storm Quick Overview (5 min video)

    I've spent the best part of today working on this Quick Overview video for Heroes of the Storm. For those that want as much info jam packed into a 5 minute video then look no further!

    Thanks for watching.

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    Heroes of the Storm - Short Info Overview Video

    Hey everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to collect all of the (more important) information about Heroes of the Storm that is currently scattered all over the internet and summarize it in one video! If you’ve already been reading and watching everything than this is probably nothing new. But who knows, maybe you missed something!

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    I started a series on Heroes discussing the latest news and information.

    Episode 1: Overview of Heroes of the Storm

    Episode 2: In-depth Look at the map Blackheart's Bay

    And we also started a weekly podcast: Storming the Nexus

    Thanks for watching!
    - Squishei

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    Hey everyone,

    Check out my attempt at casting the Heroes holiday VOD, let me know what you think!
    This is my first time casting anything ever, so go easy on me. =)

    Thanks for watching!

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    poof gone!

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    on the youtubes

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    Art of Heroes of the Storm Recap - 3rd Q&A | Heroes of the Storm Video

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    on the youtubes

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    Cool Heroes of the Storm Dances [Tech Alpha Video]

    Hi people!

    I've created a video with all available dances from Heroes of the Storm Alpha (build 29406)

    I hope you like it!

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    lol Zeratul with the Stereo <3

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    Disabled Gamer? Accessibility Options!

    Where do I even begin? Wow! Is this really just Alpha? When I started up Heroes of the Storm and checked out the accessibility options I felt like I got punk’d by Blizzard. Could there really be that many options already in game? I’m proud to announce the answer is… yes!

    Let’s just start at the top. Windowed Mode isn’t just an option, it has choices! Fullscreen, Fullscreen Windowed, or Windowed mode. Is it borderless? YOU decide! That’s right folks, your windowed mode is customizable however you need it! You can toggle borderless windows on or off as you wish. Onscreen keyboard works beautifully with gameplay and chat.

    Subtitles are already in place throughout the tutorial. The text pops up at the bottom of the screen or in the chat box so you don’t miss anything. Another accessibility feature already in place is colorblind mode. You can toggle life bars on and off to make health easy to see. The life bar on option has many settings to choose letting you customize when you see them.

    The game has different modes which make it playable for more gamers. We’ll look at gameplay itself and all game modes in upcoming videos.

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    Trying out new heroes and stuff, so come join me in HOTS alpha!

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    Hey all, I'm trying to do a series on each character just to give people who can't play an idea of what each hero is like. It can be found here:

    Any feedback would be welcome. I feel like I need to figure out a better way to record the audio.

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    Earn your weekly valor with Valor Points TV. Reign and Dr. Krumbles explore the lands of Azeroth, New Tristram, Tamriel, the Mushroom Kingdom, and beyond. While both hosts are huge fans of Blizzard games, we aren't limited to the lands of Humans and Orcs. Stay tuned for new content. Hit Like and Subscribe to show your support.

    Muradin Gameplay!

    Muradin is from the Warcraft universe, his starting abilities are Stormhammer (Q) Thunderclap (W) and DrawfToss (E) with his trait being secondwind, he is a melee tank that is currently rated at the medium difficulty.
    Stormhammer is a skillshot that lets you throw a hammer and stun and damage the first target it, be it a minion or hero.
    Thunderclap is an AoE slow and damage nearby enemies.
    DwarfToss allows you to leap to an area and damage nearby enemies.

    This kit allows you to start fights with easy, I found myself playing the role as the disabler during fights jumping down on supports and heavy damage dealers and stunning the crap out of them. At the point of this video Muradin is not the best tank, but for only 2000 coins he sure is fun.

    E.T.C Gameplay!

    E.T.C is from the Warcraft universe, his starting abilities Powerslide (Q) Face melt (W) Guitar Solo (E) with his trait being Rockstar, he is a melee damage dealer.
    Powerslide is a skillshot that allows you to slide passed enemy units and heroes stunning each of them.
    Face melt is an AoE knockback that slows and damages nearby enemies.
    Guitar solo is a self heal.

    This kit allows you to hop in and out of combat, he has great team engagement into fights but doesn't really have the HP to stay in for very long. He has useful combos such as Powerslide which stuns the enemy, but if you can Powerslide to right the behind your enemy than use Face melt which pushes your enemies away you can push enemies straight into your allies, his last spell which is guitar solo heals him. So remember how I said he has great team engagement but doesn't have much HP? This is a useful skill in his kit to keep him going.
    One of my favorite ultimates stage dive allows ETC jump in ANYWHERE on the map and stunning any enemies hit.

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    I'm planning on doing a video per character at the very least, thusfar I have 5 up. Here's my Kerrigan one:

    I'm a mediocre moba player, at best, and my goal going into these videos is that I've played little, if any, with most of the heroes. Its meant as a "first look" type of thing, to get a feel for the characters, their abilities, how their talents work with one another, the various maps in the game, ect. Check out the other videos I have at my channel:
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    Going live right now, just playing some games to get used to my new characters before I go vs co-op want to make sure I dont suck to much

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    Li Li a bit overtuned

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    Streaming Heroes 6 days a week, Wall of Famer Elvine

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    Epic Tyrande Sentinel Skill Shot

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    Heroes of the Storm Stream!!!

    Hey guys, Just letting people know that were gonna be streaming tonight at 9CST!!! come join us, I cannot link yet cause of a new account but its and my stream name is Sikend hope to see you guys there!!!

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