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    Hey everyone, just wanted to give a heads up, the stream is going live again in 30mins give or take. Come hangout talk to us and you can even tell us what heroes to play if you want to see one that we have! I think i need need 10posts for links but its just the reg / sikend hope to see you guys interested in the game there

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    Stream going live guys

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    Hey guys, Since we cant que I figured id let you know about my Witch Doctor Video on I wont be streaming for the next few days so have a look at that and ill be back Wednesday

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    Formally known as Somature. My Stream is about to go live. and my

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    I don't have the connection to stream, but I'll be uploading videos (mostly of Li Li Gameplay)

    Here's #1.
    Steve Irwin died the same way he lived. With animals in his heart.

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    Had a good stream tonight Here is a short clip of one of the good moments

    Fun clip from the stream tonight! check it out live!

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    Stream going live! come say whats up!

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    Stream live now!

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    Hey Guys! Just Finished up a Stream Highlight video! here it is hope you enjoy And dont forget to come by the stream and check us out!!!

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    Hey Guys, heroes Steam going LIVE!!!! come enjoy some music and 5man queues

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    Heroes stream about to go live!!!

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    WTF Gazlow part 3! Please check out my other videos that arent posted here guys. I also have a full Zeratul game uploading as i type this

    - - - Updated - - - Come enjoy the stream

    - - - Updated - - - Come enjoy the stream!!!!
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    Cantorus Plays: Heroes of the Storm - Overview

    Hey there guys, I'm Cantorus144 and today I am bringing you some Heroes of the Storm gameplay today! This video is an informational general overview of the game currently in alpha testing: Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard Entertainment.

    In this video, I go over the basics of the game in it's current state. As this game is in alpha, certain aspects are likely to change. This video is more or less intended for those not familiar with the game, and are looking for just the general information about it.

    I hope to bring you more gameplay in the future guys. Be sure to like/favorite/comment/subscribe and all that other stuff if you like what you saw!

  10. #30 stream is going live now!

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    Hey guys, This is my first guide of many. The next one will be a slightly different format. I would love to hear which hero you want to see next!

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    Stream going live

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    My guide to a bursty yet sustainable Falstad build that has served me very well in high MMR games.

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    Hello guys.

    I've been starting to play the game right from the start of the alpha. Recently I started to create videos for each of the characters I played, gameplay and guides.

    Due to the extended maintenance I had to pause my activity, but today the game is again online. So here's my new my new gameplay video: Azmodan!

    2 of my othe favorite characters are CHEN and ILLIDAN. I hope you will enjoy watching this;

    I hope you will enjoy watching this;

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    Hey there.
    Taking a Look at Anub'arak in Heroes of the Storm with the Cyb'arak skin.
    Gameplay and Commentary.

    Have fun!


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    Made a parody of Tribute by Tenacious D all about how hard it is to make winning the first team fight over a tribute stick on Cursed Hollow, hope you guys enjoy it.

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    Hey, I made a Gazlowe Guide.

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    Anub'Arak Guide

    Hello guys,

    As a continue of the Gameplay Video, finally the guide for Anub'arak is ready.

    Enjoy watching!


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    Hello Guys.
    Our new video for ETC is up. (Heroes of the storm Alpha Series)
    We've made some changes, and in the new format my friends joined me over TS.
    Your input over the new format is important for us, so please let us know whether you like it or not. Any suggestion is welcomed!


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    Hello Guys.

    Great news from Blizzard we heard last night.

    New battleground coming soon - SKY TEMPLE, new heroes: Jaina, Thrall and The Lost Vikings.

    The video below includes a full game and commentary with the new heroes, and the new battleground.

    Among other info Blizz announced the new game they are working at (Overwatch), Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void and Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes
    In order to keep you informed, i created a new playlist Blizzcon 2014, which will be updated with the new info / videos Heroes of the Storm related during the next days.

    Hope you will enjoy it!


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