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    Eh it's a fantasy game so Blizzard's version doesn't really bother me, I like it. Op's version is nice too though so if Blizzard were to see this and change it, all the better I guess. But to be honest it's a fantasy game so I don't think it matters that much to be 100% accurate with the human skeleton. I mean look at the humans in WoW now, their forearms are thicker than their heads. Also with the skeleton monsters you fight they have human skeletons but their spines have like spikes and their eye sockets are evil shaped instead of the normal round socket of a human skull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakuchin View Post
    Did you post this on the wow forums? if not, please do it. Blizzard listens to feedback, and this is very good.
    I will agree. you have a really good eye for anatomy.
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    Needs more spikes on spine.

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    My undead warlock doesnt look like my grandma atm, and the planned ones do look like it. So long story short, new models dont bring the sinister look they currently have, it just brings a grandma mouth. Does not serve the purpose, has to go. Problem?

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    I like your designs better.

    Also, why are they so afraid to show us the elbows and knees? More broken armor?

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    Idk about you people but I like my super skinny tweerker men to have big painted purple lips.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Telomerase View Post
    Also, why are they so afraid to show us the elbows and knees? More broken armor?
    Probably just untextured/ not finished with those parts yet.

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    I like it! looks good, Im just excited for the remake of the old models in general though!

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    i like what u did

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelordymir View Post
    Except it does, because anatomy in these models being wrong makes them hard to look at. No one is saying that the game can't have magic or talking animals when critiquing the design. It's a critique after all, stop getting so bent out of shape and offer an opinion other then "OP is dumb cuz he doesn't understand da game!".

    OP's model looks far more appealing. And even at great distances, no one cares about the model at all. People zoom in all the time to look at their character, no one plays at 20 yards away and critiques their appearance, they zoom in and look at themselves.
    You have no idea what goes into character design and what makes compelling artwork.

    Go look at the assortment of images google gives you for Everquest 2 and see how well a game that came out at the exact same time as WoW holds up with 'realistic' proportions and graphics.

    But I'll save you the time and tell you the whole game looks like a terrible CNN digital reenactment, something you'd get from outsourcing 3D to China. There's a reason things are out of proportion and exaggerated and it goes beyond your idea that everything should be anatomically correct.

    And no, no one spends their entire time playing zoomed within 5 feet of their character. More than 90% of the time you're playing you've zoomed out and you're viewing more characters than yourself from further away and trying to identify what they are based on the profile. This game is meticulously managed by some of the best designers in the industry who understand the principles of character design as taught by the masters over at Disney. This isn't a matter of opinion, it's the way things work for this game.

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    Those fixes are actually pretty damn great. While I don't personally care for such accuracy in anatomy, it'd still be nice to see such things being changed.

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    Untill now undead is the only revamp I don't like yet. I hope they will fix it up enough, but atm I'd rather choose the old undead model, sadly enough. Gogo Blizz I know you can do it

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    I love the changes you made, Blizz... hire this man (or woman)! The shoulders thing was really bothering me and I like the spine changes. The thinner lips look strange to me for some reason

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